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If You're Part of the 'Pleasurati,' There's a Condom for You

Magyar a look at these nutritional colletion and be burned. Durex's print ad for its new Avanti Said condom, aimed at the 'Pleasurati.

The Durex consumer is less likely to be cnodom first-time condom buyer, more experienced, more likely to know exactly what he or she likes in "sexual health" products, more likely to be passionate and deeply involved with their partners, Mr.

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So what's the Trrojan for the No. Take a look at these wonderful colletion and be amused! LifeStyles is sort of like being a player, being out there and having a good time. The condoms in the fishbowl at the end of the bar. These ads often employ humor to minimize the embarrassment often felt by people when buying their products. State of mind Being part of the Pleasurati is more a state of mind than demographics, said Stephen Mare, Durex brand manager, who said the brand's consumer might be an year-old man or a year-old woman. It requires not only skill use of humor but also sensitive, intimate and responsible illustration as the sexual act itself.

Print Trojan ad condom

He's based near Cincinnati and has previously written for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bloomberg, and trade publications covering the food, woodworking and graphic design industries and worked in corporate communications for the E. You protect your partner. Some condom ads tend to be visually suggestive, others prefer to be subtle, and some tend to be explicit. Saatchi Wellness, which succeeded longtime Durex agency Fitzgerald, Atlanta, in April following a review, is largely relying on the creative ideas developed in the pitch, Mr. Brand leader Trojan was known as the brand men grew up with, the "boy scout" of condoms, if you will, for its preparedness in the wallet.

The "That's My Pleasure" campaign breaking this month behind national print in titles such as Sports Illustrated Trojann Maxim and online ads seeks to transform a prrint, defined in recent years more by its flavored lubricants and sex toys, into a force to be reckoned with in condoms, too. Day Last updated Oct 18, Design 11 comments If you are buying a condom in a drugstore, chances are, all people who have seen you holding the product, are all staring at you with inquisitive eyes. Making condoms ads however, is not as fun as making ads for other products like toilet cleaners, dishwashing pastes, and etc.

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