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John Sadowski won the pool with a incher. Water temp Stripers down under degrees. Starting to get worried! Monty on the Strippsrs, "Morning Star" didn't have fond thoughts about Stgippers weatherman when they reported winds to be mph and they were more like 15 to 25 mph! But the fish were snapping!!! Strkppers tog mixed in with Sgrippers bass. Gerald Meadows as high hook with 13 nice sea bass and a inch tog. Terry Burgess took the sea bass pool with a inch knothead that kcean Mike Ransig's incher. Even though you have plenty of room to fish on the "Morning Star", Capt. Monty cuts 5 spots off the rail on these special trips to give anglers even more room.

Striippers is limited to the first 12 anglers who register. He was able to get Strippers the birds and marked good size schools of bait but didn't have any pulls. A ton Master License is required. If interested, call Strippers in ocean sit md The striper bite is slow developing. I heard they were Stripprs late last week off Cape May, but siy the dreaded Strippsrs unnecessary 3-mile line. Anglers are starting to zit balls of bunker and sand eels inside the 3-mile line off our coast. Bluefish are out on the 1st and 2nd Lumps. Water was very dirty. Reports came in that chartreuse mojos were disappearing only oceam underwater. Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" had sea sir thick, feet under the dit, but the bite was weak.

Very poor on jigs Monty has hour trips planned mc Thursday, Friday and Saturday. SUNDAY, December 2, It was pretty "saucy" in the ocean today but that didn't keep Stdippers fishing Stripperrs the headboat, "Morning Star" from returning with Syrippers limits of siy sea bass. John Wooldridge and his son Grayson hit the Rt. Little Grayson caught and mf 5 stripers that were hooked while trollong umbrella rigs. Water Sgrippers a little dirty and a brisk degrees. John reported that some of the stripers had sea lice on them.

Monty the ability to venture out further than normal. Anglers caught a variety of fish, including scup, triggerfish, cunner, pollock, tautog, bluefish and spiny dogs. A few guys limited out on sea bass. Gary Giordano's incher was the largest sea bass of the trip. Monty on the headboat, "Morning Star" said the seas were sporty early today. When he anchored it was 26 knots out of the northwest. By the end of the day it was down to 12 knots. It was really nice when they got 15 miles off the beach. It was all worth it with a lot of anglers catching their limit of sea bass and some blue fish limits as well.

Spiny dogfish were not as thick as they were further inshore. Sounds like you need to head further east than normal to get in on a sea bass bite due to very thick schools of dogfish sharks. In other words, if you have the time, go fishing. Also, bridge stripers tend to bite the best after dark—just like the inlet. There are a variety of lures and baits that will work from the bridge, but most fishermen have their best luck fishing jigs. Bucktail jigs used to be real hot, but have faded recently to the plastic swimshads and other plastic baits like Zoom flukes rigged on a jig head. Live or rigged eels are another bait to consider from the bridge as well, especially in the heat of the summer.

If you are a shore-based angler who likes to get away from crowds and experience some solitude, the Inlet and Rt. Instead, our local sand beaches provide some excellent access to quality-sized fish, as well as beautiful scenery and lots of solitude. Here with the proper permits there are almost thirteen miles of sand beach that are open for surf fishermen. Talk about room to spread out! Or, if you do not have a four-wheel drive vehicle, you can feel free to walk onto the beaches at Assateague or in Ocean City and fish anywhere you like.

Be advised that fishing is not permitted during the lifeguarding hours on the beach in Ocean City, but this is only during the summer months. Moreover, the most productive times for surf fishing in Ocean City are generally at night or during the evening and early morning hours which are always open regardless of the season. Fall and spring are the best seasons for striped bass surf fishing along our coast. Every year there are anglers who travel from hundreds of miles away for a shot at one of the trophy stripers that migrate along our beachfront. If you look back at the last couple of Maryland state record stripers, they were landed between the first of May and the middle of the month. In order to find the best spots in the surf, fishermen will cruise along the beach and search out likely looking areas where stripers might hold in rip currents or travel through cuts in the outer sand bar.

It takes a lot of time looking at the beach and studying waves to develop a keen eye for beach structure, but once you get good at it your catch rates will increase. If you are a surfer, there is a good chance you will also do well at reading the beach for surf fishing. The best baits to use in the surf for striped bass are season specific and always a subject of debate. Still, most guys seem to do best with cut baitfish like bunker, mullet, herring or spot; but sometimes even sand fleas or peeler crab are worth a try.

In my opinion, whatever bait you choose, it is best to make sure that it is fresh—not spoiled. As a rule, these fish will not eat spoiled bait, and I have heard some very good anglers suggest that it even spooks them. One of the best things about fishing the beach is that it is a good place to get away from other anglers. At times there is a lot of structure along our beaches—like sandbars and rip-currents—which provide great ambush spots for stripers, as well as plenty productive beach for people to spread out and fish. All types of fish can be caught from our coastline as well. Some huge stripers are taken every season, along with giant red drum, bluefish, flounder, sharks, rays and good numbers of smaller fish like croaker, kingfish, and spot.

If you are a striper fisherman, definitely do not overlook fishing from our local sand beaches. Last, but certainly not least, is fishing for striped bass from a boat in Ocean City. Should be some bluefish around right now.

If jointed, call In railroad to find the figure bins in the exchequer, fishermen will broad along the pink and search out there looking areas where photos might hold in rip defenses or similar through cuts in the predicted sand bar.

I would check the mile line. Si, Fenwick and Isle of Wight Oceah are familiar haunts. Had to fight through the spiny dogfish to get it done. Monty on the headboat, "Morning Star" reported an "awesome bite" today. His anglers had a "super-limit" with limits for everyone around the rail. There was also a inch bluefish caught by George Bell. All of this action was early before they had to head home due to increasing winds.

After fishing on Monday and Wednesday, anglers on the charter boat, "Reel ,d went 12 for 21 on swordfish in addition to catching a inch bigeye skt estimted at lbs. Their largest swordfish was inches and was estimated to weigh between and lbs. All of the fish were caught in 1, to 1, feet of water in the Baltimore Canyon. They then deep dropped an eel in 1, feet of water and caught a lb. Water temp was degrees. They were fishing on the "milliRem" with Capt. Mike Halsey and J. The guys reported life everywhere with yellowfins airing out on bait, but they could get any to bite.

The bigeyes weighed and lbs. Shailyn Strahl caught her limit in an hour and EVERY angler, including the crew, ended up with their limit of knotheads. This keeps the streak alive for Capt. Monty who has recorded a boat limit of sea bass on every one of his 10 and 12 hour trips this fall. The largest sea bass measured inches. On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", angler Chan Park caught and released a 14 lb. Fish ate a sand flea in feet of water on an inshore wreck.

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Today, Brian Arni and his crew on the "Get Reel" fished behind the Poor Man's Canyon and ended up with 6 yellowfins, 2 bigeyes and a mako release. Yesterday, anglers fishing in the surf off Lewes, DE caught some stripers, but today it was nothing but dog sharks. If you are looking to do some Chesapeake Bay striper fishing, Capt. You can give him a call at A few anglers caught their limit of sea bass and quite a few caught double-digits. Also had a triggerfish and some fat bluefish in the mix. Chris on the headboat, "Angler" reported decent fishing with a mix of sea bass, flounder and bluefish. The largest flonder weighed 4 lbs. Fish were caught on bucktails on an ocean wreck.

Shannon Pickens caught a inch, 6 lb. Fish was hooked on a bucktail tipped with a dead mullet. Shannon and his buddies also caught sea bass, bluefish and mackerel. Weighed at Alltackle Ocean City. Frank Perna and Jimmy Bunting caught a lb. The duo started the day off swordfishing in the Baltimore Canyon and lost one at the boat. They arrived at the line around noon and caught 3 yellowfins and a bigeye by 1: Three came on a green stick and one on a tracker bar. Chris Mizurak on the headboat, "Angler" reported good fishing with most anglers catching their limit of sea bass and flounder. Sea bass weighed up to 3 lbs. Fish ate squid and clams on natural bottom. It looks like the migrating stripers are off the coast of Asbury Park, NJ.

Pictured below is Ed's grandson, Garrett Moro, with a 45 pounder caught while rolling bunker spoons off the coast. Locally, a few stripers are being caught off the Rt. All of the fish were caught in 4 hours during the outgoing tide. Chris said that quite a few of the fish were spitting up small crabs. My foreign correspondent, Mr. Miller, in Monmouth Beach, NJ said they haven't arrived off their coast yet. My foreign correspondent in Ocean City, NJ has been catching keepers in the rivers off the bay, but they have to be resident fish.

Stripers are still being caught around the Rt. Flounder fishing is still rolling along in the East Channel. Mary Mergott caught a pair of good size flounder measuring 20 and inches while drifting live mullet in the East Channel. Prior to the most recent windy weather, headboats were seeing some good days for both flounder and sea bass. A couple of days ago, Capt. Chris on the "Angler" reported a good day with several limits of sea bass and flounder around the rail. Charles Kricher caught a doubleheader with the largest fish weighing 4. Fish measured between Chris Mizurak reported good fishing today with limits of sea bass and some limits of flounder.

Largest flounder weighed 3. Monty Hawkins on the headboat, "Morning Star" said it was the best ocean flounder bite he has ever seen in October. Numerous anglers limited out. Some sea bass were also caught with the largest measuring inches. On a side note, Capt. Monty said they dropped reef block 23, today. They now have 1, blocks at the Capt. Bob Gowar Memorial Reef. This time of year you also have a good shot at catching one around the South Jetty.

Sheepshead can still be found along the rocks of both the Strippres and South Jetty. Legal size stripers are also being caught around the Rt. I did receive a report from Pat Samborski who caught a incher while surf fishing off Assateague with fresh bunker. Danny Cox and Mike Austill caught stripers up to 29 inches and an inch flounder.

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