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Some of the content of this article is studdies and may be offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. Pornographic addiction is a disease destroying many Muslims across the world.

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A Google survey reports that out of ten top countries surfing porn site 7 are predominantly Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, UAE etc. Thousands and probably millions of families are affected by this disease. If you know any case of situation please write back to us at Rahmaa. We are trying to compile a statistics of Muslims in this situation. Please help us compile the statistics by sharing your experience. All information will be kept strictly confidential. All names of individuals appearing in our articles, case studies, or scenarios are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

He was totally confused about his life. His marriage was in trouble.

He had committed so many grave mistakes that he started to hate himself. He even tried anv commit unsuccessful suicide twice. In a situation when stkdies women would stay with such husband his wife Rehana stood by sstudies supported him ready to give him another chance. There are hundreds of cases in recent cae that are Pornographt. Many go undetected by their spouses or other loved ones. It started with a discussion among his colleagues at a party who started to share their sexual fantasies that they learn from internet. He began looking znd soft pornography and started masturbating to satisfy his sexual desires. He explored things on the website that is unimaginable for any sudies person.

He started ad fantasize different sexual situations. Many unimaginable in any civilized society. Soon it became a routine. He stumbled Pornograpjy a chat room and met a woman named Nancy. One thing lead to another Nancy started to come closer and closer to him sympathizing with his loneliness and lack of intimacy. They would chat what seem like most of night on a daily basis. For the last 3 years, the time needed to develop an erection on watching pornographyhad progressively increased, though the interest in watching it remained the same; also, hardness of his erection had decreased.

He would avoid masturbation as a result of his undue concerns regarding seminal loss, but had continued to watch pornography. He had developed features suggestive of mild depression feeling of sadness, excessive guilt, feeling of unworthiness, decreased self-esteem and decreased appetite. He made his first sexual advances with his girl-friend on a couple of occasions, a month before he came for consultation; however he was not able to perform due to inadequate erection inspite of having intimacy with his girl friend and adequate foreplay. He constantly kept comparing his girl friend with females in pornographic videos, and he felt that she was not as sensualizing as professionals in pornographic videos.

His fears about his future sexual and marital life increased, making him avoid any further sexual intimacy with his girl friend which led him to sought professional help. No features suggestive of homosexuality, other psychiatric disorders, paraphilic disorders were noted. There was history of febrile convulsions between 2 and 4 years of age no treatment received. Both his father and uncle had alcohol dependence and expired due to complications resulting from hepatocellular carcinoma. Mental state examination revealed mild depression. Initially, patient was given reassurance and sex education for his undue concerns about seminal loss. He was started on desvenlafaxine 50 mg titrated to mg at night.

With sex education, his undue concerns regarding semen loss decreased significantly. Later he was started on cognitive behavioral therapy CBT.

On combined treatment psychotherapy and Plrnographypatient showed significant improvement in 4 months. Patient felt much better on follow-up and the compulsion to watch Pornogeaphy decreased significantly to almost nil; even if he would stuxies watch, he was able to terminate watching pornography after min at his will. Patient's self-esteem improved, and he felt hopeful about his marital and sexual life. Patient's medication was gradually tapered; both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy were stopped after 9 months of treatment in between which he got married too. At the time of documentation of this paper, the patient had got married and was doing well for over a year and was free from any sexual or mental health symptoms, receiving no treatment, but on follow-up visits every 3 months.

Case Pornography studies and

Pornography and case studies like craving, withdrawal symptoms on cessation sstudies watching pornography, tolerance, narrowing of repertoire, neglecting family Prnography occupation as a result of excessive pornography watching were elicited from the history. Based on these symptoms, the diagnosis of pornography addiction was given. Pornigraphy creates a problem with Internet jurisdictions: It has stidies flagged the redundancy of existing State legislation, as the sale of stduies in stores is gradually replaced by online sales. There is also the matter of whether the legislation still reflects community values and may be in need of liberalisation — and if it should remain as law if it is not going to be policed and enforced.

One of the few recent examples of Australian anti-porn laws being enforced occurred in mid, when Victoria Police raided the offices of G-Media in Fitzroy. These websites contained thousands of videos of women performing sexual acts, most of them filmed in Victoria. G-Media has been producing and publishing these pornographic videos sincehowever the law was only applied in following a media campaign and the submission to police of a dossier, compiled by a journalist from the Herald Sun. In January G-Media owner Garion Hall was charged with 54 counts of making objectionable films for gain. These charges were later dropped and replaced by charges against the company, forcing G-Media, Abby Winters and its other websites to relocate to the Netherlands.

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