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Part Time Jobs in Minnesota ( MN )

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Government Printing Office; Occupational injuries among young workers. The most invested workers were more likely to attend community colleges and vocational schools.

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Teachers could take greater advantage of the fact that so many of their students have paid jobs, for example, by jbs them to reflect on their work and its relation to what they are learning in the classroom joba their writing assignments for example, are they learning things in school that could be helpful in their jobs, presently or in the future? Our findings suggest that youth work is not a strong matter of contention in most households, since the vast majority of parents and teens seem to be in agreement about the potential value of employment during the adolescent years. They were more likely to enjoy school, to think they were learning things at school that would be important to them in later life, and to have high grades.

That is, those who experienced stressors in their jobs during high school were less likely to exhibit declines in self-concept and mental health in response to similar work stressors confronted four years after high school. Sporadic high school workers seemingly fell through the cracks, reflecting their relative lack of investment in work and in school.

Teen jobs Mn

Windau J, Meyer S. Adolescent work, vocational development, and education. The impact of employment on adolescent development. The most invested workers, in contrast, were seemingly more reliant on their work experiences than their school experiences to build their human capital. It is unrealistic to expect teenagers to make firm occupational choices during high school, and relatively few do so in this era of extended higher education and prolonged transitions to adulthood. It is during high school and the years immediately following that these values crystallize.

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