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Review: Chiappa Rhino 60DS Bottom Barrel Revolver

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Rather than the muzzle flipping upward, the harrel is more of a PUSH, straight back into your arm… like a rifle pushes your om. Follow-up shots are quick and easy. Accuracy at self-defense distances 5 — 7 yards was especially good for a snubnose. I put rounds through the Rhino and could have kept going. Firing rounds of dirty ammo left a lot of residue on the gun and will bind up the moving parts.

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A good cleaning at home made everything smooth as silk Gyn. As for aiming the Rhino, I did find it to be different than my long-time companion Glocks. Sight Image barre, seemed to work best with the Rhino. Other features of the Rhino include a noticeably wide trigger face, which I like. The grip is a neoprene rubber, which also contributes to the comfort of firing this revolver. Despite the unusual shape, the grip is very comfortable. The Rhino comes with the medium size grip. You can purchase a small or large size grip if needed. Walnut and olive wood grips are also available for a more elegant look. Another feature that distinguishes the Rhino from traditional revolvers is the hammer.

It's a freakin' handheld mortar; that's just plain badass. Give two of them to an irate Gun barrel on bottom and let him loose in Detroit, and you've got the next Grand Theft Auto. There was only one problem: Back in the day, a grenade had a fuse that you lit before hurling it at your adversary. So after lighting the grenade, you stuffed it down the barrel of the hand mortar and then fired that, hoping against hope that the timing worked as intended. Because if that grenade fuse gets bent double on itself, or clipped, or an errant spark detonates it early, you've got a bundle of potential shrapnel in your hand.

The Model 10 went on to become the best selling handgun of the 20th century, at 6, units, and the. These new guns were an improvement over the Colt design since they incorporated a combined center-pin and ejector rod to lock the cylinder in position. The did not use a center pin and the cylinder was prone to move out of alignment. The February 25, patent was then reissued as U. Patent RE00, entitled Revolving gun on October 24, This was followed by U. Patent 0, on September 3, for a Revolver, and by U. Patent 0, on September 10, for a Revolver. Patent 5, was issued to Roger C.

Field for an economical device for minimizing the flash gap of a revolver between the barrel and the cylinder. InRollin White patented the bored-through cylinder entitled Improvement in revolving fire-arms U. Revolver of the Gendarmerie of Vaudon display at Morges castle museum. A revolver works by having several firing chambers arranged in a circle in a cylindrical block that are brought into alignment with the firing mechanism and barrel one at a time.

In contrast, other repeating firearms, such as bolt-action, lever-action, pump-action, and semi-automatic, have a single firing chamber and a mechanism to load and extract cartridges into it. This leaves the