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Intuitively, she alternates between rough and smooth surfaces, bikinl silence and rhythm, in order to force the central element of her series — light — out of the darkness.

On Easter Sunday the exhibition is open from 1: The book is a valuable contribution to the discussion regarding the future of the German capital. With her very own unique technique of thread-drip painting, Katharina Lehmann breaks every dogma of abstract circles. The artists Roman Lipski is an artist from Poland, whose photorealism-inspired work can be admired in a number of collections. You are cordially invited to join the vernissage on Friday, September 30, at 6 pm. The exhibition will be on show until 27th May in the exhibition space of the Humboldt Schloss Art Museum on our rooftop terrace here at Bikini Berlin.

Bikini Art

You can come and admire it for yourselves, Mondays to Saturdays from Her protagonists are mainly female, young, beautiful, posing with masks, labels and weapons, bored to death —enacting their roles and presenting bi,ini reality. The artworks on show are early pieces that reflect upon and aptly observe the superficiality and inner void of high society in the s. The artist, who lives a relatively reclusive life, is somewhat like a reincarnation of the young Sarah Moon. Brodanse, the famous DJ brothers, who are of course also red-heads, will be providing the music. The grand opening is taking place on Easter Saturday, 4th Aprilfrom 4: Scissors, string and vast amounts of paper — with these materials the Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld has created extraordinary paper couture.

She wraps kilometres of acrylic-soaked thread into shapes that create an abstract galaxy of network hubs.

Explore affecting herbs through a new testament and join our cute roof garden receptions with good from the dividing industries, writers, thinkers and agencies in the best. The precious mithridates of finding by three warriors, who are being together from narcissistic hand perspectives.

From to the Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin State Art Gallery of Berlin was located inside the Bikini Haus building and we are one of the most striking architectural landmarks of the s in Berlin. In her unrestricted, intoxicating productions Elizaveta Porodina extracts the visual essence of our time. The result is a series of complex photographs that depict a many-layered social structure — and a reality that is already in the process of disappearing. Despite her young age, the idolised artist can be categorised alongside the icons of classic photography like Avedon, Horst and Penn, even though she never really cites elements from their work. Starting things off on 30th April is the artist Elizaveta Porodina from Moscow.

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