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It was a Canadian beer, probably Keith's from the east coast, Nova Scotia.

For me, boost is, in a way, an elegant of your day, what you're travelling. A few mali Bourbons, like a year.

I don't know where I get it. It's so impressive, and beautiful. I'm not going to ask you stuff like "who are your musical influences? Fan-made shirts are always really impressive. I don't really get that, so I haven't received that many exciting or interesting things. She's a tough cookie; I think you have to be as a female in this industry.

Asian Kyomi

It's always evolving, changing. We are supposed to be about openness. I enjoy being a tomboyish woman, but if I feel like wearing lipstick or showing my cleavage, I am going to do it. Plus, she thinks butch is sexy.

I like the sleekness of black. Rail whiskey is a Canadian thing; you call them "well drinks. How did you come across your look?

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