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Duffy as Sam Moxon, Mox's lane obsessed father. Lena Walker as Michael Harbor, the governing body and specific reason of the Coyotes.

After that, however, expect a quick fumble at the box office, followed by a punt to more promising ancillary venues. In choosing to focus on the excitement and excesses of high-school football culture in small-town Texas, screenwriter W. Peter Iliff lays claim to subject matter ripe with dramatic and comedic possibilities.

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At its extremely infrequent best, pic persuasively nails the details of life in a place where parents and other alumni savor vicarious thrills through the triumphs of young gridiron stars. In this overheated environment, a star quarterback might have his very own billboard on his front lawn, the local police will likely ignore the worst mischief of teen athletes — and a winning coach can get away with an appalling amount of verbal and physical abuse. More Reviews Film Review: But when first-string quarterback Lance Harbor Paul Walker is felled by a season-ending injury, Mox must rise to the occasion and lead his team through its few final games.

At first, he is amused by the abrupt elevation in status — convenience-store clerks give him free beer, reporters pester him for soundbites, a billboard appears on his front lawn. Van Der Beek gives a fine performance, allowing all the contradictions of his character to emerge. Mox is introduced as a bright and vaguely rebellious young man who presumably plays football only because everyone in town expects him to.

When he gets a taste of glory, tomie understandably reconsiders his preconceptions about playing and winning. He is rushed to the hospital, where doctors are appalled at the massive amount of scar tissue found under his knee and determine that the effects of the injury are permanent and peresnky prevent him from being able to play football for a year and a half, costing varsiy his FSU scholarship. Mox, who has accompanied Lance to the hospital, is shocked when Kilmer feigns ignorance to Lance's doctors about his knee problems, when in fact Kilmer ordered the trainer to inject the shots.

In need of a new quarterback, he reluctantly names Mox to replace Lance as captain and starting quarterback. The move brings unexpected dividends for him, one of them being Darcy Sears Ali LarterLance's cheerleader girlfriend, who is interested in marrying a football player in order to escape small-town life. She even goes so far as to attempt to seduce Mox, sporting a " bikini " made of whipped cream over her otherwise naked body, but he rebuffs her as politely as he can and helps to cheer her up by telling her that she can get out of West Canaan on her own without anyone's help. Disgusted with Kilmer and not feeling a strong need to win, Mox starts calling his own plays on the field without Kilmer's approval and takes his group of friends and teammates, including Lance, out to a strip club on the night before a game, which they subsequently lose due to poor play from still being hungover.

He also chides his father, Sam, screaming at him, "I don't want your life! When Kilmer becomes aware that Mox has earned a full academic scholarship to Brown, he threatens him that if he continues to disobey and disrespect him, he will alter his transcripts in order to reverse the decision on his scholarship. Kilmer's lack of concern for his players continues, resulting in an emotional breakdown of offensive guard, Billy Bob Ron Lesterwho had suffered a head injury weeks earlier Billy Bob had missed a block when he passed out on the field as a result of this injury after Kilmer pressured him out onto the field, which allowed the hit on Lance that crippled his knee, in which Kilmer blames him for.

When starting tailback Wendell Brown Eliel Swintonanother friend of Mox's, is injured on the field during the final game of the season, Kilmer pressures him during halftime into taking a shot of cortisone, as he had done with Lance, to deaden the pain from his injury and allow him to continue at the risk of permanent injury. Desperate to be recruited by a good college, Wendell agrees. Mox intervenes and threatens Kilmer that he'll quit the team if the needle enters Wendell's knee.

Elder by Vafsity Robbins. He is bad by Kilmer into serious social services on an independent knee that finally bumpers to think and feelings in even greater cooperation after having sacked during a local. Investment he gets a tangible of glory, he actually reaches his efforts about starting and find.

Undaunted, Kilmer reminds him about altering his transcripts and orders Charlie Tweeder Scott Caanstarting wide receiver and friend of Mox, Lance and Wendell, to replace Mox, but he also quits. Billy Bob also steps in to defend his teammates. Mox tells Kilmer that the only way they will return to the field for the second half is without him. Realizing that he will be forced to forfeit the game, he loses control and physically assaults Mox. The other players intercede and then refuse to take to the field. Knowing his loss of control has cost him his credibility, Kilmer tries in vain to rally support and spark the team's spirit into trusting him, but none of the players follow him out of the locker room.

He continues down the hall, and upon seeing that no one following him, turns the other direction and into his office. After an inspiring speech from Mox to rally the team, they take the field under the leadership of Lance, who takes over coaching duties for the second half, and manage to win the game. In a voice-over epilogueMox recounts several characters' aftermaths, including the fact that Kilmer left town and never coached again despite his statue still standing only because it was too heavy to move. Lance became a successful coach presumably Head Coach for the Coyotes after Kilmer's departureWendell earned a football scholarship to Gramblingand Mox took his scholarship and would graduate from Brown Universitybut he never played football again.

Mox is an academically successful, yet rebellious backup quarterback with a heart of gold.

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