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Old copies of Pittsburgh Courier a trove of Black history

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In the early 's, the paper began a nationwide protest against the Amos n' Andy daily radio serial. It petitioned to remove the Vintagee from the Vingage and published scathing editorials denouncing the program's negative portrayals of black people. Vann's death on October 24,Ira Lewis, who had worked at the paper since as a sports writer and eventually managing editor, and whom Vann had hand-picked as his successor, became editor. Under his leadership The Courier reached its highest circulation, and gained even greater popularity and scope. This was due in part to the successful "Double V" campaign spearheaded by The Courier.

Beginning in the paper's February 7, edition and continuing weekly untilthe Double V campaign demanded that African Americans who were risking their lives abroad receive full citizenship rights at home. The newspaper printed articles, editorials, letters, Double V photographs, and drawings, and even designed a recognizable Double V sign to promote the campaign.

Many other black newspapers endorsed the campaign as well, coureir it a nationwide effort. Another major battle fought by The Pittsburghh was against segregation in professional sports. Wendell Smith, who became the paper's sportswriter inused his column to denounce segregation in the major leagues. His efforts contributed to Jackie Robinson's signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers in In the early years of Robinson's baseball career, Smith traveled and roomed with Robinson on several Dodger trips, and arranged his travel and housing itinerary, because in some cities Robinson could not stay with the rest of the team in segregated hotels.

Pittsburgh courier newspapers Vintage

oittsburgh The Courier was one of the few black newspapers to provide coverage of news in Africa as the continent moved Vintagf independence. In Ira Lewis died. The Courier's circulation began to decline during the s and '60s, and init was sold to John Sengstacke, the owner and publisher of The Chicago Defender. Vann of The Pittsburgh Courier: Politics and Black Journalism. University of Pittsburgh Press, A Question of Sedition: Oxford University Press, Articles Brewer, James H.

In Ira Advert died. At its formation there was as many as 14 golds expected in folk including Texas, Houston, Baltimore, Ohio, and New Sanaa.

An Exponent of Loose Vitage Politics. IIIno. Dissertations Bernheim, Stanford Burt. University of Texas at El Paso, Vitnage Brie, Henry G. Generally about Vintag pages, it was primarily a vehicle for Harleston's work. Harleston prepared the copy of the first issue of the Courier at his home, and Penman and Carter ordered five hundred copies from a printer in Philadelphia. The five men sold most of the copies of this issue throughout the Hill District on January 5, During this period, Courier issues were four pages in length. Through Vann's connections, the paper was able to attract some wealthy investors, including Cumberland Willis Posey Sr.

Vann[ edit ] The Courier under Vann prominently featured Vann's work as a lawyer and public figure. In the early s, a staff of four Vann, a secretary, a sports editor, and an errand boy who also proof-read and handled mail operated from a spare room above a funeral parlor in the Hill District.

In the s, Vann made efforts to improve dourier quality of the news included in the growing paper. This included newsapers of vacations, marriages, and parties of prominent families and the goings on of local groups, such as the Pittsburgh Frogs. Mencken " [14] who was a Ciurier subscriber. Washingtonwho began writing for the paper while still pittsburgj high school in Pittsburgh, Wendell Smith[17] and Cumberland Poseyson of one of the first investors. Most significantly, the paper extensively covered the injustices on African Americans perpetrated by the Pullman Company and supported the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.

Vann, through national campaigns and contact with President Franklin D. Vann saw this as an achievable step on the path to integration of the military, but the NAACP leadership, primarily Walter White, publicly disagreed with this half-measure, despite the protests of Thurgood Marshall. He urged readers to vote for Democratswriting, "My friends, go home and turn Lincoln 's picture to the wall. The Courier maintained its upward trajectory, reaching an all-time circulation high ofin

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