Cvs inventory condoms expiration date

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Do Condoms Expire? 7 Things to Know Before Use

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Condoms expire just like many other medical products. Certain factors, however, influence why and how quickly they expire.

Inventory expiration Cvs date condoms

Materials The type of material you prefer makes a difference in how quickly they expire, too. Natural materials like lambskin break down faster than inventoru materials like latex and polyurethane. Spermicide takes up to two years off the usage span for latex and polyurethane condoms. If you see any signs of wear and tear or notice fate unusual odor, toss the condom and get a new one. Latex and polyurethane Natural latex and polyurethane condoms have the longest shelf lives. These condoms have a slightly shorter shelf life — just three years — when packaged with spermicide. Although spermicide is a great tool against unwanted pregnancy, it causes latex and polyurethane to degrader faster.

Polyisoprene Polyisoprene condoms are just behind latex condoms. Condoms made with this type of artificial rubber can last up to three years with proper storage. Natural and non-latex Non-latex, natural condoms — such as lambskin or sheepskin — have the shortest shelf life. Does storage affect expiration? Storing condoms in a warm, moist place may affect their performance. A condom that gets too warm can dry out, making it difficult to use and possibly inefficient. Instead of your wallet, use a condom case. It usually reads something like In this example, the condom should protect against STIs or pregnancy through October Most packaging includes a second date of when it was manufactured.

Is using an expired condom safe?

If an expired condom has Csv stored properly in a cool, dry place, it may still be relatively safe to use. Near the ounce Slurpees and over-warmed pizza is an aisle devoted to health products. And several of these health products may not be as healthy as advertised. And a cough suppressant sat six months past-due on the shelf.

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None of them should have been cpndoms. This August, a team of reporters from The Princeton Summer Journal surveyed pharmacies and grocery stores in central New Jersey to investigate whether they were stocking outdated drugs, baby products and food. They found 75 expired products in 12 stores. The products ranged from dietary supplements to infant medication.

Eight stores were in codnoms Trenton area: CVS, at Liberty St. Four were in the New Brunswick area: CVS, Livingston Ave. Federal law requires manufacturers to label drugs with expiration dates, which reassure customers that they are safe and fully potent. According to the Federal Drug Administration, using expired medication can be ineffective or even dangerous.

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