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I get my wife's back massager and turn it on and put it on the middle of our bed. It really feels good.

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Wife's' Cocck When I am feeling Cick horny and I am alone and in no danger of getting caught I find two pairs of my wife's panties that she has worn in the last couple of days. I will look in the mirror and stroke my penis over the bikini or use a vibrator and think about how my sister's pussy touched the bikini. I then begin to slowly rub my hardened cock through the panties. I rub the panties on my cock and look for girls driving.

Just panties nothing else. This stimulates the tip of the penis. After about apnties, I'm ready to cum, and so when it happens it is so intense that it lifts me off of the bed. The sight of my hard cock in the mirror and the smell of the panties with my cum on them will cause me to explode, shooting my load onto my chest and face, and if I am lucky into my mouth.

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