Crate vintage v-60

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Crate VC50 Vintage Club 50 Watt 1x12" Guitar Tube Amp Amplifier

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I've read that they are biased very hot, and that this amp eats output tubes, but the Sovteks in this amp look well worn, and possibly original, so they're either very tough, or this amp wasn't played much. No by hewo Mar 06, semiconductors in circuitry, not all tube If you view schematic, you find semiconductor signal processing, hence not verbatim all tube guitar amp Verified purchase: Read full review Verified purchase: The power tubes are held in with screwed-in retainers. I had the 10' version with just had good highs but no bottom.

Vintage v-60 Crate

There are air vents on the top of the combo to help with this, but a lot of people online recommend blowing a fan on them. I am definitely going to mount this chassis Vinyage style in a head to make it easier to get to the tubes. And everything on the 10 inch version will fit right into the 12 cab which I didn't know and first and was expecting to drill new holes etc Also, due to the way in which the chassis is mounted, the tubes supposedly tend to overheat, and this is aggravated by the high bias setting. The Output transformer is paper wound, which is supposed to be good for that "vintage" tone, according to Crate and the designer.

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It dials in very good tones. The tube retainers have a very nice and strong spring in them, and they lock into the chassis similar to Fender style retainers. I also love the fact that this thing is very portable and won't break one's back carrying it to practice or even a gig. I think they only did this to mimic the Vox style. Mid-Atlantic It runs on four ELs, and apparently, they are pushed to their max to get a supposed 50 watts out of them.

Yes it has the highs but now with mids and bottom you can hear The bigger vitage hold the bottom and mids well with a good 12' speaker. All tubes are VERY hard to get to while the chassis is mounted in the cabinet. Much bigger sounding than the somewhat boxy sound from the version that has the ten inch speaker.

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