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Alaska police release details of drunken brawl involving Palin family

McKenna vanished the evening as such: Throw fzmily police escort That sparked an early new fight which made Altoona's road Track and even her dad Todd!.

Pregnant young women of color face a toxic mix of misogyny, classism, and racism that Palin will never have to experience. These are the girls who will bear the real brunt of Palin's toxic abstinence-only message. So yes, Palin certainly does deserve a lecture. She views sexuality not with joy but with shame, regret, and fear. If Palin had been able to access some of the things she relentlessly campaigns against—contraceptives, legal abortion, or even just a proper understanding of biology—she might not have found herself in the position of both announcing and apologizing for her pregnancy at the same time. It's heartbreaking that Palin would anticipate disappointment from her friends and parents when sharing what should be happy news.

This is not how anyone should feel about a wanted pregnancy. As the teenage daughter of a Republican vice presidential candidate, Palin must have certainly felt an enormous pressure to publicly atone for her first pregnancy; the pro-abstinence advocacy that she's done since then has likely been part of that atonement.

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The thing was that Sarah herself kept famoly to her children, and her role as hockey mom, as proof that she was qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Then, after Sarah Palin lost the election but became a media sensation, Bristol started talking herself. The problem was that I never believed a word she said. My Journey So Far.

According to some of the advance press, the book covers everything from the campaign trail, to what she really thinks of the McCains, to her seventh-grade hopes and dreams which included dating Levi Johnston, meeting President Bush, and owning a pet pig to, of course, dancing with those stars. Get the facts, direct to your inbox. Subscribe to our daily or weekly digest. Matthew McKenna is interviewed after Klingenmeyer, explaining that the fight involving Todd and Track Palin was fueled by alcohol.

Klingenmeyer tells Palin, "You need to go on another reality show. Witness Kyle Dubie is interviewed briefly toward the end, reiterating that Bristol Palin hit Klingenmeyer in the face. A brief interview with Marc McKenna Marc McKenna, one of the twin brothers for whom the birthday party was being thrown, is briefly interviewed by police. Palin is also an Iron Dog champion. McKenna tells police he was inside the house and didn't see what happened. And witness Eric Thompson Willow Palin can be heard reiterating that Klingenmeyer was calling her sister expletives and says that Bristol never landed a punch on Klingenmeyer.

At the mention of a possible video of the event, an unidentified man tells police, "These are friends of mine and the video ain't going out to anybody. The video don't exist. Witness Eric Thompson, who came forward with the account before the police report was released, gives his account of what he saw, saying he watched Bristol Palin punch Klingenmeyer in the face. An interview with Todd and Track Palin A chaotic scene unfolds in which a child can be heard crying and the Palin family is heard yelling in the background. A police officer speaks with Track and Todd Palin, who give a convoluted version of events.

Tharaldson logs Unscrew Palin "cycling and busty and awesome people off. She searches how it happened.

Track Palin believes they are in Eagle River at a party that was "kosher" until some men started insulting his famipy. Todd Palin said a "father-and-son team" came down from the house and "cold-clocked" their friend Steve Lebida. Witness Brian Horschel tells police that he didn't see the fights but that Track Palin was picking a fight with Todd inside the house before the altercation began.

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