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Femdom Dana Discipline

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Andrew Robinson, chief executive of Lichfield District Housing Association, which managed the flats at the time, said: Run by private housing association HomeZone, which claims charitable status on its website, the home offers round-the-clock care and security, and has a hour emergency cord system should residents get into difficulty. But getting into difficulty is what attracts twisted clients to the punishment dungeon. The care home employee offers a dizzying variety of perverted pastimes. Some of them are too disgusting to name but they include painful practices such as sado-masochistic electrocution, nipple torture, leg worship, trampling, spanking, and even flogging.

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A selection of women's fantasy clothes - one of them a matron's outfit - and make-up is also available, and Mrs Windsor offers games in which men dress as women and then wait upon her. This is a pleasant way of establishing rapport and putting you at ease. It helps me to understand and therefore facilitate your fantasies in a satisfying manner. You will not be rushed at this stage. Here, he witnessed first hand how she operates her strict regime. She did not bat an eye-lid as she met our reporter in full view of the retirement home residents. When asked about the adjacent buildings, she dismissed them as "some place where old people live".

Wearing a full-length, black faux-fur coat, collar pulled up to shield her from the chill wind, and high-heeled shoes, she appeared to be in her 40s. And it got to a point where if I did something, which she found acceptable or exceptional, I was praised for being able to think of it on my own, as if truly my intelligence was well beneath hers, spoken of in front of family and friends as if I was mentally handicapped. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Reward Yourself Discipline by Cane You will see in her piercing blue eyes that she means business and there is no escape but through the fire.

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