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I had to do something to show him that I was trying and wanted to take him so that he can see that he went with the horny girl. She's bo what Khloe use to do.

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Yoni7 I just said the same thing before I saw this. I think it was a nail salon, maybe? Just like Blac Chyna did??? Hanging with her will get him known even though it might be for the wrong reasons Why is this "NEW s "?

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You get really, Chynas upset and then kind of angry - Chunnas then there's the women that just get angry. Give it a rest! The year-old man, Humphrey Khoza, filmed he and his girlfriend having sex without her knowledge, but says he is unsure as to how the video ended up online. That in itself would repel a normal woman her age. She know he easy money That's all I got. Once she found out about the video, the angry woman then proceeded to pour a bottle of battery acid over her boyfriend's penis, causing it to be damaged to such an extent that it could probably never be used again.

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