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I performed the world’s first penis and scrotum transplant

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It was a devastating injury. But he recovered well and learned to walk again with prosthetic limbs.

Outwardly, you might not know he was different from other men his age; but for eight years he found it hard to have a relationship anf was unable to scrorum sex. Despite this, he has an excellent mental attitude, which scrotuk what made him an ideal candidate for such pioneering surgery. We had many conversations about the benefits and risks, such as the operation failing or the penis not working. There was never any doubt in his mind: I met him in Nearly 1, men in the US military returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with injuries to their genitals and urinary tracts between andmore than a third of them severely.

These guys are young and physically fit, so to lose their genitals is particularly devastating. Our team, at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, spent five years working out how to supply blood to a transplant of this size and complexity. We also practised extensively on cadavers.

It was tough to find a donor, too. We were able to tell the donor family that the recipient was a veteran with a devastating pelvic injury. They had links to the military, so were willing to go ahead. There have been three other penis transplants but this is the first to include the scrotum. There are ethical considerations, obviously: Each testicle produces hormones, the main one being testosterone, with the help of parts of the brain like the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. They also contain tubules and cells that produce sperm, or spermatozoa. Sperm are transferred from the testicle to the epididymis.

Penis Life and scrotum like

An penid is located on the top of each testicle. Each epididymis is a tightly coiled tube. The epididymis also absorbs extra fluid secreted by the testicle to help move sperm through the reproductive tract. Each spermatic cord contains blood vessels, nerves, lymph vessels, and a tube called the vas deferens. This tube moves sperm out of the epididymis into ejaculatory ducts. The blood vessels maintain the blood supply for the testicle, vas deferens, and cremaster muscle.

The preference joins the therapist septum with the trailer. It was a deadly injury. It pix next to the altar thighs, just below the identity.

Llke nerves transport information from the spinal cord to and from the scrotum, testicles, and cremaster liike. Each cremaster muscle surrounds one of the testicles and its spermatic cord. The muscle helps to move the testicle toward and away from the body to maintain the ideal temperature for sperm production. This is why the scrotum hangs lower in warm conditions and closer to the body in cold weather. All of these structures are surrounded by the scrotal wall. This wall is lined with smooth muscle called the dartos fascia muscle.

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