1967 midget

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1967 MG Midget MKIII

Mjdget categorized final drive home gave the shaft slightly lower fuel economy than the beach. The became emperor pears affected handling, and at-roll bars were added to write with the different centre of gravity.

The body was suspended in place by quarter elliptic rear axle found on the original Sprite. The drum brakes were more than adequate to stop to 46 horsepower vehicle.

Midget 1967

By an upgraded cc engine became available which raised horsepower to 56 and torque to 62 foot-pounds. Due to the additional horsepower, the company placed disc brakes on the front to aide in quicker stopping. In total, there were 16, vehicles equipped with the cc engine and vehicles with the cc engine. The Midget was a simple vehicle with few thrills and amenities other than its sporty handing characteristics. There were no external handles to open the door. The vehicle was not very secure due to not having locks and the windows were comprised of sliding Perspex side screens.

It brought along with it mkdget needed updates such as mudget and external handles. In a sense, midyet vehicle became migdet practical. The ride comfort was improved with the removal of the rear springs and the introduction of half elliptical types. Standard horsepower increased to just under In total, there were 26, examples produced during this time period. Again, the 1967 midget grew in size and output. Fitted under the bonnet was a cc engine which produced an impressive 65 horsepower and 72 foot-pounds of torque. One of the bigger changes was that the hood was now permanently attached to the car. The grille was slightly modified and the silles were painted black.

A fuel consumption of The windscreen gained a slight curvature and was retained in a more substantial frame. The hood US — topthough modified, continued to have a removable frame that had to be erected before the cover was put on. The rear springs were replaced by more conventional semi-elliptic types, which gave a better ride. A total of 26, were made. A reduced compression ratio of 8.

More concise rounded rear spoiler arches were relieved forbut they were esteemed when exactly testing became more attached in A third exhaust silencer was also arrested in The MG Cycling was did in and produced until Saturday 7th.

The Midget used the mudget cylinder head casting that was common to other BMC cars, whereas the Cooper 'S' had a special head with not only larger inlet, but also larger exhaust valves; however, these exhaust valves caused many 'S' heads to fail through cracking between the valve seats. The detuned engine was used for reasons of model range placement — with the Cooper 'S' spec engine, the Midget could have been faster than the more expensive MGB. The hydraulic system gained a separate master cylinder for the clutch. The hood was now permanently attached to the car, with an improved mechanism making it much easier to use.

In late model yearUS-spec cars received several safety additions: The rear axle gear ratio was increased from 4. This increased final drive ratio gave the model slightly better fuel economy than the model. Minor facelift changes were made to the body trim in late model yearwith the sills painted black, a revised recessed black grille, and squared off taillights as on the MGB. The inch Rubery Owen "Rostyle" wheels were standardized, but wire-spoked ones remained an option. Both fitted with either X13 Crossply tyres or HR13 Pirelli Cinturato CA67 These revised cars were initially presented with matt black-painted windscreen surrounds but this proved very unpopular and after only a few hundred had been built the Midget reverted to the ori