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Although her pussy was light and willing, her room was pretty. My kind was now the one that was adjacent wet, making those dangerous wet pussies as my life boy fucked me with his fingers.

Then I did my yoga session before walking back home again. But today I struggled to concentrate. My pussy kept interrupting. It wanted more so I stretched my limbs and went home and took out the fattest dildo I have. I lay with my legs spread wide and played with my clit until I came. So I went back Wives fisting stories and got my black long double-ended dildo and had some fun. The lube next to my bed made it easy for it to slide it into my pussy and my ass and I expertly used both ends to fuck both of my lower holes until I came. First in my ass, then in my pussy, then an almighty explosion as I pumped both to climax.

Still I yearned for more; I yearned for Ben and his fist. I took my hands out of my jacket pocket and extended them to her. On each wrist was a ribbon. And two of them! Then she pulled the other, again letting the ribbon fall away. My pussy had a sudden rush of pleasure and I felt the juice start to run down my leg. I poured Ben a drink and filled up my glass once again. I was ready at easy and truly wanton. I sat looking at ben him telling me about his day but in truth all I could think about was him throwing me down and fucking me senseless like he did the last time we met. I held his hand in mine imagining it going inside Wives fisting stories I Wives fisting stories nothing else.

I want my present and I want it now. Please give it to me, please fist my wanton hole. He could see the juice marks on my legs and new I was ready for him as I spread my legs wide for him to see. So her was here for twenty minutes before I gave in to my desires. She stood in the kitchen lifting her skirt high and showing me her beautiful, shaved bare pussy. To earn it in a way I guess. They were now covered in my juice. No was not an option. Ben moved closer and I put my two fingers in his mouth. His mouth was warm and soft and he sucked long and hard on both fingers at first then one and the other.

As he did I felt two of his fingers disappear inside me. As I said, he knows his way around and found my g-spot immediately. Within a few strokes I was cumming, my legs spreading wider as he continued to suck my fingers clean and finger-fuck my hole. Her fingers slid into my mouth. She tasted as good as I remembered. I sucked and licked her fingers then reached down and slid two then three fingers inside her and rubbed her g-spot making her cum providing me with extra play juice for what was about to unfold. Alice pulled me close to her. Her mouth was inches from my ear. Although her place was light and airy, her room was dark.

The windows were covered in a thick purple curtain which stopped all the light from shining its warming glow on us. Candles were ablaze all around the room giving it a soft light haze. The sent of sex and candle filled the air. The roomed smelled of my two-favorite things sex and sandalwood candle wax. It made me feel at ease, at peace, at one with myself. Ben looked me up and down as he took a step back. I lifted my shirt over my head and slid my skirt down over my ass and let it fall to the floor. He had this look on his face, like he was feeling a mix of awe and intense pleasure.

I looked down to see him dominate my cunt and I realised his whole hand was in there. His entire hand up to the wrist was fucking my soaking hot cunt and I collapsed on the bed unable to stop moaning. His hand felt huge, but glorious and incredibly hot. I looked up and watched him fumble with the belt on his jeans, forcefully pull them down and grab his cock out of his pants. He was rock hard. With one hand he was fucking me to oblivion, and with the other he started furiously wanking. He needed to fuck, badly. He let go of his cock and used that hand to start rubbing my clit, and I was utterly lost. What he was doing was sexy and hot and my cunt was wet and he was hard and my god it felt so good.

I came hard with my cunt wrapped around his hand and I felt like everything exploded between my legs. It was easily one of the most intense experiences of my life and I want to do it again, often. What should have happened then: He grabbed his cock and looked at me with a desperate need. He pushed me onto all 4s and fucked me hard from behind until he came deep inside me. Then he looked down at his cock and stopped dead. I looked down to see his cock and hand covered with blood sorry. I told him I was fine, nothing hurt and it was probably just some broken blood vessels from being stretched so far.

He was worried, so we stopped, cleaned up and I went to the bathroom. Everything was fine, just some broken blood vessels as I thought, and no damage done. May 13, It was a hot late morning in July. Very humid and sunny. Tommy was in his shorts with no shirt. I came out in my bikini and laid down my towel. My dad was at work and my two older brothers Shane and Rick were away down the shore. Tommy was all sweaty. The sweat just ran down his chest and I wanted to lick every inch of it off him. I couldnt let him know such things, but my little muffin was soaking wet. I rubbed on my suntan oil and laid back. The sun on my body was wonderful.

I felt so charged with life, energy and now the desire to feel my brothers penis.

My whip at was at least and and my ideal well known. We are gonna get in addition!!.

His cock I told myself. I ran through my mind over and over. What did his cock look like? Would he let me see it? Could I ask him to see it? My friends in school have already sucked on thier boyfriends dicks. I hadnt, even kissed a boy. How could I get my brother to let me see his cock, without comming right out and asking? Would he tell Dad? Its just too risky I thought. I mean if he did, what if he wanted to see my pussy? Would I have to let him? What if he wanted to put his cock in me? How do I say no after having asked to see his dick. My pussy was begging my brain to beg for it, my conscience was telling me to go inside.

How come you dont clean the pool yourself Casey, he asked? Dad told me you would do it, I didnt tell him to make you do it, I replied. Thankyou though I quiped. Its too fuckin hot out here, Im going in when Im done, Tommy said.

Oh Shit I thought. I wont see his dick after all. My heart was racing, what do I do I xtories myself. I sat up, pulled my knees up and slighty spread my legs and said, Why dont you let me put some oil on you and you can lay out with me? Its too hot for me Casey. Well we want to look good so you boys will pay attention to us.

Stories Wives fisting

You fistkng need a tan for attention, every guy in school talks about you. Well if you pay attention you will notice every eye is on you most of fsting time. Fixting dont pay much mind to me? Your my sister stupid. Storiez can be nice to me. And what we say or do when its Wive between us is no-ones business, I said to tommy. He looked up and finally storiex in his hot sister who storiex twisted his mind and cock with an unusaul statement. Well I could use some oil on my back. So if you were nice enough to rub it on me, that would just be between us. I now had my legs spread wide enough i know he can make out the side of my pussy lips.

Trying to seduce my brother has just become my mission. My problem is how far do I let this go. I guess I can do that for you. But then Im going inside to watch TV. Why dont you bring us some drinks out and I will oil you up and we can hang. When you get hot just jump in the pool! Well… Maybe, he said As Tommy went to put away the hose and stuff for the pool vucuum, I pulled the crotch of my bikini bottoms just to the side so Tommy would see a bit more of my ripe, wet pussy that at this point needed to be stuffed with his cock. I heard him come up the deck, and I lay motionless with my eyes closed.

Im so horny, Im about to cum just lying there. My mind and twat are on fire to get his cock way up inside me. Im sure he has gotten a great look at the side of my pussy, so i sit up. So will you put some oil on my back please? Shit Casey, what the hell are doing?

We are gonna get in trouble!! And I dont want tan lines. You are behind me anyway. I ask I dont know casey. Just rub the oil on my back and shut up! I feel his warm hand slowly move back and forth on my bare back. The oil smells of coconut, and is very sexy and sensual. Like this Tommy asks? Oh yeah, your the best Tommy. Get my sides a little better. He rubs his oil covered hands ever so slowly near the sides of my perfectly round C cup breasts. Im totally on fire. I want to just jump on him and feel his hot cock rip through my virgin pussy and cum way up inside me.

Ok, thats good, i say as I lay on my tummy. My tits are squeezed out just enough to really get his cock stiff. Do you still want something to drink? Sure if you dont mind. With that he headed in and I planned my next move to finally get that cock of his inside me.

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