Yelloware blue striped bowl

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Yellow Ware Bowls

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Some pieces can be attributed to specific English and American potteries, but it is hard to say exactly where many pieces were made because 90 percent of all yellowware is unmarked. Yeloware they have the most difficulty finding the largest and smallest of the graduated sized bowls, making them the most valuable pieces. Lighter than stoneware and more durable than redware, yellowware was made in large quantity until it was replaced by industrial whiteware in the second quarter of this century; some yellowware, though, is still made for the nostalgia market. The earliest pieces of yellow ware were made by hand, thrown on a potter's wheel.

Striped Yelloware bowl blue

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information Ywlloware contact us stripeed to flag it for review. The popularity of yellow ware, always known as yellowware, spread from England to France, Canada and the United States. Depending on the origin of the clay, finished pieces ranged in color from a deep mustard yellow to a beautiful light yellow resembling the color of fresh butter. The sport is in collecting nests of bowls, finding one piece at a time. Yellowware was made in Pennsylvania; several pieces are in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Stripef and more forms are getting in photographs; individual events and bars of bowls are bored. The bowls are in previous condition with no reviews, cracks or repairs please see things.

Please note that you are bidding only on the 2 blue striped bowls in this auction. When fired it ramified into an inkblot-like design. By bblue s, the beautifully colored pieces were being made in the United States using fine yellow colored clay found along the banks of rivers of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. When gas-fired kilns came into use, Ohio took over as the most productive area for yellowware; East Liverpool, Cincinnati and Roseville were the centers.

The bowls were originally sold as individual pieces or Yellooware sets of: We are not experts and strive to describe our listings as accurately as possible. It was also made in New England; the factory in Bennington, Vt. Yellowware came decorated with bands of brown, blue, pink, green or white slip and also with "mocha decoration" -- that is, seaweed, trees, earthworm and feather designs diffused in a broad white band. Many collectors try to put together an entire set of yellow ware nesting bowls with the same design or pattern.

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