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12 Gorgeous Asian Eye Makeup Looks

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Asian eyes are usually small, which is why eye makeup for Asian eyes focuses on making the eyes appear bigger.

One of the two makeup products that you MUST have is eyeliner. To help you out with the different eyeliner application techniques for Asians, check out the video below and practice, practice, practice! But, I suggest you buy a jet black liquid liner and a brown eyeliner pencil for starters. Eyeliner helps make your eye appear bigger, but mascara makes your eyes pop! The thing is, Asian eyes are notorious for short and straight lashes, and they can be very unruly too. So, to overcome the lash challenge, this video should teach you everything you know about mascara application.

One of the go-to makeup looks for Asian eyes is the everyday natural look. This tutorial for classic smokey eye makeup is perfect for beginners. Believe me when I say this eye makeup will never fail you!

Up make Asian eye tip

This silver smokey eye for Asian eyes will be a great nighttime look. I love this everyday look with a hint of sultry and sexy. In most Asian eye makeupthe Vertical Gradient Method, which involves applying eyeshadow horizontally across the Lid so that a vertical gradient is formed, is ideal. Check out this post to understand the difference between Vertical and Horizontal gradients. Inner Corner The Inner Corner is the small area that points towards the nose. A little highlight color at the Inner Corner of the eye does wonders to make the eyes look brighter and more awake.

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Crease Ah, the Crease. In Caucasian eye makeup talk, the crease is the line of indentation right above the lid, where the Lid folds. That indentation below the brow bone marks the natural Crease, and it is further emphasized by using a deeper eyeshadow color to create depth in the eye. The Crease of the Caucasian eye typically coincides with the Orbital Rim. For Asians, if the Crease is defined by where the lid folds, then placing a deeper color at the crease will only serve to make the eyes look smaller, especially if you have heavily hooded eyelids, or a very small lid area.

Check out the different types of Asian eyes and appropriate makeup! A transition color is usually placed at the Contour Area, to transit from the eyelid color to the brow bone yip. One color can be used as a transit color on the Contour Adian, but it can also be divided into a gradual transition of colors, moving towards the brow bone. For Asians, there is no clear indication just by looking of where the Contour Area is exactly, unlike in the Caucasian eue where the Crease is at the Orbital Rim. By sweeping eyeshadow above the Fold onto the Contour Area, you bring instant lift to the eyes and enhance the shape of the eye area.

If this is not clear yet, an entire tutorial on Defining the Contour Area will be covered in the 4th installment of eys Eye Makeup Tutorial for Asian Eyes series. I know this is hard! Outer V As if it is not already hard enough to locate the Outer V on the Caucasian eye, the lack of overlapping of the Crease and Contour Area on the Asian eye makes the task even more daunting. To start, imagine a line extended out from the Lower Lash Line, but not beyond the Border to be covered in a while. You can see from the diagram above that the upper stroke is above the Fold. This will be the case for most Asians. Again, you want to blend the Outer V out well so that it does not look too unnatural on the Asian Eye.

Placing a dark color on the Outer V creates shadows and brings more depth to the eye. Because there is much more to discuss on the topic of the Outer V, a tutorial on Defining the Outer V will be covered in the 3rd instalment of the Eye Makeup Tutorial for Asian Eyes series. This area can be larger or smaller than the area I circled on my eye. However, when I returned to Total Beauty to find this article, I couldn't get past the first page. The new search has been tripping me up in other ways too. I ended up using Google to locate this and other Total Beauty articles. I am asian, also I am fair skin, i wish there were more suggestions for asians with fair skin because I feel like it is hard to use colors on my skin tone.

These looks are very pretty, and I feel like this article was very helpful. I do hope for more articles relating to Asian Americans. Thank you very much Sharon!

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