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Do Teeth Whitening Strips Work? Benefits, Risks & Effects Of Whitening Strips

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The whitening strips will go to work immediately bleaching the color from your enamel. On average you should start to see a noticeable difference cres days. Manufacturers say that your habits will determine how long treatment lasts. Coffee, tea, wine and tobacco can cause tooth discoloration and dull a bright smile. Consumers report that whitening from strips, on cfest, lasts approximately 12 months; could be more or less depending on diet, oral habits and hygiene. You can help your teeth stay whiter longer by following a good oral health regimen that includes brushingflossing and rinsing. Get regular cleaning and exams from your dentist, limit intake of foods that can stain teeth and avoid tobacco completely.

Compared to professional whitening at the dental office, whitening strips continue to increase in popularity because they are convenient and cost less. However, they can be awkward to use, provide uneven results and usually only bleach the front six teeth. Whitening in the dentist office is performed in a controlled environment and produces a much better result.

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The dentist not only ensures your teeth and gums are whitening ready, they use proven products and can recommend a whitening solution that meets your unique situation. Bleaching agents will not work on damaged or infected teeth and you should address any oral health concerns prior to starting whitening. The best way to maintain a bright healthy smile is through proper care and prevention. They can devise a treatment plan that caters to your unique situation and it is possible to have a smile you can be proud of. Results from whitening strips vary and some persons will benefit.

Before spending money on any product schedule an appointment with your dentist; your greatest chance at whitening success is starting with a healthy mouth. Ask the Dentist is supported by readers. If you use one of the links below and buy something, Ask the Dentist makes a little bit of money at no additional cost to you. I rigorously research, test, and use thousands of products every year, but recommend only a small fraction of these.

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Whitenong only promote products that I truly feel will be valuable to you in improving your oral health. But the question is: Do Crest whjtening really work? In truth, teeth whitening strips do work to make teeth look whiter and brighter. Namely, they can cause damage to the teeth and gums, while also increasing sensitivity and pain. How do teeth get stained? There are two parts of your teeth—the inner cgest and outer enamel. Causes of Dentin Discoloration Age: As we age, our dentin naturally becomes more yellow. Even with the whitest possible enamel, yellow dentin will cause teeth to look yellow because whitenkng color is refracted through the outer enamel like a prism.

Grinding and dental trauma: Any trauma to the tooth—whether caused by grinding also known as bruxisma fall, or direct force—causes the tooth to age prematurely. And, as mentioned above, aging dentin is yellow dentin. Poor nutrition or hydration: Missing out on important nutrients? Your teeth will eventually show it as lack of proper nutrition also causes dentin to age sooner than it should. There are other rare reasons your dentin can become yellow, like: Rinsing your mouth with water during and after can help minimize staining. Drinking fluoridated water as a child often causes dental fluorosiswhich can cause white or brown discolorations on teeth.

While most major organizations say this impact of fluoride only happens to children, many adults find their permanent teeth are also discolored from fluoride. Similarly to pigmented beverages, the tobacco in cigarettes, chew, and cigars will yellow the enamel of your teeth. When I tried a 2 hour whitening mold, my teeth ached for days. With the pro strips, I had no pain for 20 out of the 21 days. Although on the last day I felt a brief sensation that felt like someone put a bullet through my tooth. Other than that, absolutely get the strips, but make sure they are professional.

I had a professional teeth whitening treatment inone hour under the blue light with the gel in a dental office in Miami and my teeth were SO white, people asked me if they were replacements, which was not my objective at all.

They also appeared to radiate under black lights, which just isn't a good look for me. It took about two years for that treatment to mellow out. Stick with the strips. The reason for this was that in their testing, both options were equally effective, with the over the counter options being much much cheaper. I'd also get a recommendation for a good whitening toothpaste from your dentist. Not all of them are good for your teeth, but my hygienist was happy when I said I used Crest Complete with Whitening, and I've been happy with the results from it.

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