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The video footage shows Evans pulling a handgun out from beneath her seat and placing it by her side on the driver's seat as she drove. Shaneah Jenkins testified that she later visited her sister and saw Hernandez, who placed his hand on her shoulder to console her. Crazy guy brake checks you while you are driving with your kid on mtv teenmom2 teenmom. She has grown up with him as a hero in our household. Although Evans clearly believed she was doing the right thing, viewers and other "Teen Mom 2" stars vehemently disagreed with her actions while commenting on social media.

MTV, however, did not air the footage of Evans with the weapon as she yelled, "Dude, leave me alone! After replying she thought so, she doubled down and admitted she would still miss President Obama.

Young girl bursts into tears when she is told President Obama is leaving office. Two alleged accomplices, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, have pleaded not guilty and will be tried separately. Babe, he just hit my f--king car," she yelled to her husband over speaker phone. Read More Popular new birthing practice could be doing 'more harm than good' warn UK doctors It probably wont be this peaceful a lot of the time Image: Reddit This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated.

Those first few months aren't easy Image: Currently guy brake checks you while you are crushing with your kid on mtv teenmom2 teenmom. Sergeant Obama will find office on Route 20when the 45th gypsy is inaugurated Share or disability on this post:.

Prosecutor Patrick Bomberg has told daguhter jury that Hernandez not only orchestrated the killing, but also participated in it and covered it up. After Hernandez left the home, Shaneah Jenkins testified, her sister Shayanna kept receiving cell phone calls and text messages. So the NHS Ayshire Maternity Unit has put together a moving and comforting letter to all new mums and dads - which one NCT group believe should be given to all new parents before leaving the hospital and which has moved many mums to tears.

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