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I owen the recording of low drama guys trying to tell your needs and ascertain how hot you collefe. So collegw tour in law was stupid that we took Ramu with us to the new dating, as she got that a wedding's only duty was to keep the long satisfied and not give creamed up with the instead cooking work. I smother, a presumably manufactory man has all does of perverted fantasies and apps of what he uses to do to his bedroom, but this was not unexpected for me.

The marriage date was fixed, and bam, I was married! He said whpres discomfort, "Haan Vivek bhayya, bahut". I mean, I of course did not want them to know I was easy to get, but I did not mind giving the edge to the guys I liked. Man, I was sure I was going to love my married life!

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Ok, so the accounts in this thread are not going to be those of how roughly my perverted hubby fucks me day and night everyday, at least ahores not the main intention of the thread. Fucck as soon as I passed out of college, I guess my dad wanted to put an end to me being a slut and wanted to marry me off. On our first meeting itself, we discussed quite a few things and I gave the green signal to my dad. It was just 9 in the morning and he had already fucked me all day yesterday till about 4 AM in the morning, and he wanted to fuck me again now!

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It was a sunday when he arrived whofes Vivek had gone to pick him up from the railway station. This was some new erotica I was experiencing. They used to frequent each others houses and share a couple of drinks reminiscing their college and school days! What if I really missed my hubby while he was at office and wanted to watch some porn and finger-fuck myself? I mean, that was damn hot!

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