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Still, before anyone missions anything else, could we try to fall out a few psychological confusions. This coin of intersectionality cannot be kicked with a heartfelt worldview. I am here because I bread in young slut, and you should too.

Sodony, she argues that failure to provide such education constitutes oppression against minorities. Sexual-revolutionaries have been making the first line of argument for years. They were making it even way back when I was an adolescent, and it boils down to this; Those kids are going to be having sex anyway, so we might as well show them how to do it in a way that keeps them from getting pregnant or from contracting a disease.

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And in fact it seems to presuppose and perhaps even to encourage sexual promiscuity among children. And I think teens have gotten the message. Whether she realizes it or not, it is an argument in favor of sodomy among minor children based on intersectionality. As Sodomy teen have written about before in this space, intersectionality is a theory of human identity that is all the rage on college campuses and increasingly in popular culture. She is concerned about teenage girls and boys gender identities who engage in a particular kind of sexual act sexual identity. According to this brand of identity politics, it is the responsibility of the privileged to become an ally of the oppressed.

Because oppression is wrong, everyone is morally obligated to become an ally. Among other thingsbecoming an ally means affirming the sexual orientations and gender identities of marginalized people. And it is why Papisova believes she needs to be educating minor children on how to safely sodomize one another. In this intersectional worldview, it is oppressive to withhold such information from minor children. Indeed, the true ally is morally obligated to share such information with children or risk doing them harm. And it is precisely here where this ideology concerns me as a Christian. This brand of intersectionality cannot be reconciled with a biblical worldview.

Intersectional activists define allyship in terms that require affirmation of homosexual and transgender identities. And yet faithful Christians may never affirm lesbian and gay sexual behavior. For example, Eric Metaxas tweeted: Be sure never to buy a copy. Teen Vogue must be pulled from all shelves! This is a danger to children. Still, before anyone burns anything else, could we try to sort out a few theological confusions? Although it pretends to be biblical, it was in fact a theological coinage.

The Genesis story about the city of Sodom is notably unclear about tren its residents deserved divine destruction. Using this definition, a eten observer of human affairs might conclude that there is a lot of sodomy going around. For some Christian theologians yes, for others no. Of course, the whole point of using the term is to avoid specifying sexual acts. Whether now or in the Middle Ages, the term is designed to call up a righteous disgust willing to destroy whole cities. Why burn Teen Vogue when the outraged can call down fire from heaven on all those who offend them?

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And why exactly are they offended? Some tene a lot of people—are disgusted by anuses. I Soodomy have to object when they begin to construct Christian sexual ethics on the basis of personal aversion. My objection holds against concealed aversion as well. Anal intercourse often operates as a code for male-male sex. Adults now living in the U. They may even know that not all gay men like anal intercourse or choose to engage in it.

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