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Vidss the FBI going to be knocking on my door? Is that a siren I hear? Would they call first? Could she go to jail? Would younng be tried as an adult? Do I need to get her a lawyer? How much would a lawyer gurl cost for something like this? Your little girl needs you. There is almost nothing that could have shocked me more. As the mother of a girl, I had imagined so many of the difficult conversations and situations I would have with my daughter as she grew to womanhood. I never even considered that I would have to have this discussion with any of my kids until my son, who is almost 5 years younger than his sister, hit puberty.

As we sat there in the dark, I asked her some pointed questions and she gave some very uncomfortable answers. No, she never chatted with anyone about porn.

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No, she never contacted anyone, and no one ever contacted her asking her to send nude pictures of herself. No, she never made any porn videos or posted them online. Yes, she watched videos of adults having sex. No, she never watched any videos of children, and no, she is not attracted to children. I never even considered that I would have to have this discussion. As we talked, my brain and heart began to settle.

My husband and I realized her confessions and experiences were probably not all that different than those we normally hear about regarding teenage boys getting caught in similar situations. From the beginning of time, kids have been sneaking glimpses at graphic pictures and telling explicit stories. As I watched her sitting on a little corner of the bed, cocooned in her shame with her teeth clacking from nerves, I realized that while I could understand her embarrassment, she really did not have anything to feel ashamed about.

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