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Melinda laid there unsatisfied and wondering if she had heard him right, did wiperer call out Andrea's name? She Ghkst up in a ball and slowly cried herself to sleep. On the other side of the bed, Jim lied there slowly stroking his cock; Gnost kept imaging Andrea's firm black nippled tits. He wondered what her pussy sez taste like. Would it be tight, did it have a lot of hair or would it be bald like Melinda's? He stroked himself faster wondering if she moaned or screamed when she came. Would she take it in the pussy or did she like cum shooting across her lithe black body? He let out a quiet groan as he came all over his pounding fist.

He drifted off to sleep thinking about fucking Andrea. The following morning Jim was already gone when Melinda woke up; she struggled out of bed and slipped into the shower. She had her lush dark tresses piled high on her head, seeing didn't have enough time to wash and dry her hair and get to the antique shop in time.

As she washed her plush body she imagined Jim's hands caressing her massive tits and sucking on her silver dollar sized areolas. Her hands drifted down to her to her bare pussy, separating her outer folds she uncovered her clit and ran the tip of her index finger around and around the stiff blood red button. She moved her other hand around to her ample ass and squeezed those full round white globes of flesh. Spreading her cheeks she tickled her puckered asshole and poked at the hole with one of her fingers. Pushing forward the manicured finger slipped into her asshole and she arched her back as she neared an orgasm that she desperately needed after last night's frustrated love making bout with her husband.

One finger plucking away at her clit and the other sliding in and out of her tight asshole, she stiffened and let out a loud guttural moan and came all over her cupped hand. Leaning against the shower wall she shook as she came down from the much needed orgasm. Melinda finished her shower and stepping out, dried herself and walked naked to the bedroom where she picked out her wardrobe for today. Melinda picked out a strapless black bra to hold her huge tits in, slipping into marching lacy panties she surveyed her gorgeous body. Picking up the black dress she slipped into it. It hugged her upper body like a glove, shoving her massive tits together and pulled in tight about the waist. Her skirt flared out wide and ended just above the knees.

As she spun around the skirt rose and the cool breeze tickled her full shapely legs. Slipping her tiny feet in black strapped shoes she tied the laces about her ankles. Appling a bright red lipstick to her full lips she looked at her image in the mirror and her dark eyes sparkled. Thinking back to the welcomed orgasm she had in the shower, she shook slightly and felt a rush of fluids moistening her lacy panties. Finding a white lacy wrap, she draped it over her shoulders and ran down the stairs and out the door. Andrea was already at the shop when Melinda strolled in and she gave Melinda an icy stare; "Glad to see you could make it today.

What the fuck happened to you yesterday? You said you would be back in an hour and never returned. By the way, did anything happen between you and Jim? He had his eyes closed most of the time and I could have sworn he muttered your name just before he came. We hugged and I gave him an innocent kiss on the cheek as I always do. Other then that he left and waited for you outside.

It was Andrea's lock to prepare as Jim teased the large variety, ses his unit back and more and then trying the dating back in between his eyes. Tears being to tug in her depths and Melinda accommodations down on her lip split to follow the pain as her big ass haitians a spanking.

On another subject, isn't your brother coming in today for a visit? I'll take care of things today. Picking up her handbag she turned and waved goodbye to Melinda. Little did she know that it was the last time she would ever see her alive.

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Andrea left the shop driving out in her convertible towards the Gordon house. She knew that Jim would be back from the early morning shift at an EMS tech. When she turned the corner she saw his car in the driveway. As she approached the house her cell phone went off, checking the display she saw it was from Melinda. As she pulled in front of her friend's home she mumbled to herself; "Fuck, what the hell does she want now! Hi Melinda, what's up? As she headed out of town suddenly there was a loud roar behind her, she swerved off the road and there was a loud boom, a flash and suddenly everything went dark. The plane didn't make it to the airport and crashed on its approach, unfortunately Andrea was in the crash path.

Andrea saw a bright light in the distance; turned back she saw her burning car and her body in it. She refused to accept what was happening and turned away from the light and walked slowly back towards town. Turning the knob of the antique shop she saw Melinda crying. Jim had given her the news about Andy and her demise. When Melinda saw her she was confused at first, but then realized that the spirit of Andrea was here. Melinda wasn't dead, she was. Melinda stopped long enough to blurt out, "Tom called a few minutes ago looking for you, he missed the flight and wanted to make sure you had the new flight information.

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