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Find articles by Angelo G. Abstract Background The increasing popularity of commercial movies showing three dimensional 3D images bbusty raised concern about possible adverse side effects on viewers. Confirmatory studies which include examination of clinical signs on viewers are needed to pursue a conclusive evidence on the 3D vision effects on spectators. Ghetto locations were used, undisputed, but apart from the first gambling scene.

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Exposure 3D vs 2D movie ubstyindividual and movie vision characteristics were modeled as fixed effect while individuals were modeled as random effect. Conceived and designed the experiments: Scores on the nausea subscale, represent symptoms related to gastrointestinal distress which are associated with the autonomic nervous system e. Participants who watched no films, or only a single movie, or 2 movies of the same type both 2D or both 3D were excluded from the analysis. In this paper, I aim to compare the frequency and intensity of VIMS after viewing a traditional 2D movie with the ones after viewing a 3D movie and to assess the characteristics of susceptible individuals.

Mobie The questionnaire was divided into three section. Received Apr 3; Accepted Jan Those symptoms are indicative of VIMS, a condition that may onset during or after viewing dynamic images while being physically still [5]when images induces in the stationary spectator a sense of vection i. The author has declared that no competing interests exist.

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