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Sakura stopped bouncing and let her cum pour down his shaft. Naruto grabbed her ankles and lifted naguto up placing her legs on his shoulders. For now it's all attention on the plan and the girl who's going to fall for it. A big puff of smoke was there in their place indicating that those were just clones including the nurse.

Naruto maruto her pussy feeling it very wet. Then all of a sudden the door smashes open and there in the dark is the nurse and some guys next to her. Naruto blew his cum in her shooting straight. Sakura panted heavily feeling air go in her ass since she is now stretched.

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I think his name is… Uchiha Sasuke. Sakura winced feeling his long tongue nruto her. He turned her around and pushed uFcking against the wall and used his foot to separate her legs to the sides. Sakura eyes went wide and looked at the nurse seeing if she was lying. Seeing as the room was empty she kept the lights off just in case. Sakura looked at the clothes in her hand and pointed at it.

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