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Singing activates the tkbes side of the brain when the left side cannot function the left side is the area of the brain responsible for speechso it is easy to see how singing can be an excellent alternative to speech while the victim heals. American Idol was one of the prominent of these shows. While jobs in other music fields such as music education tend to be based on full-time, salaried positions, singing jobs tend to be based on contracts for individual shows or performances, or for a sequence of shows Aspiring singers and vocalists must have musical skill, an excellent voice, the ability to work with people, and a sense of showmanship and drama.

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Popular and traditional music[ edit ] In many modern pop musical groupsa lead singer performs the primary vocals or melody of a songas opposed to a backing singer who sings backup vocals or the harmony of a song. Singing competitions[ edit ] In recent years, the talent of singing has become competitive. Vocal music is probably the oldest form of music since it does not require any instrument or equipment besides the voice. Levitin, in his This is Your Brain on Music, argues that "music may be the activity that prepared our pre-human ancestors for speech communication" and that "singing As well, aspiring singers need to gain specialized skills in the vocal techniques used to interpret songs, learn about the vocal literature from their chosen style of music, and gain skills in choral music techniques, sight singing and memorizing songs, and vocal exercises.

Some singers hire an agent or manager to help them to seek out engagements and other performance opportunities; the agent or manager is often paid by receiving a percentage of the fees that the singer gets from performing onstage. In heavy metal and hardcore punk subgenres, vocal styles can include techniques such as screamsshouts, and unusual sounds such as the " death growl ".

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One study found that both singing and listening to choral music esx the level of stress hormones and increases immune function. There are several areas of the brain that are used for both language and music. Popular music includes a range of vocal styles.

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