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Rule 1 — Take The Initiative The first rule for sucking cock like a liie is being able to take the initiative and start blowing him without any prompting from him. Taking the initiative works incredibly well for many reasons. So use this to your advantage. Another Hzrd is due to the power and pleasure eould women feel when giving their man oral sex. So if you already enjoy these feelings of power and pleasure when sucking his cock, this is another reason to take the initiative. My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site. If you want to access them and give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually obsessed with you, then you can learn these secret sex techniques in my private and discreet newsletter.

You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. Road Head — The next time he is driving you home at night, do the same.

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Sould massaging his testicles through his trousers, before unzipping woule and giving him some road head. This idea works equally well if you are both sitting in the back of a lonf car. The key is catching your man off guard and taking the initiative. Rule 2 — Animalistic Enthusiasm The next technique for sucking his cock in a way that totally blows him away is making sure you do it with a high level of animalistic and almost insatiable enthusiasm. Check it out here to learn how. When he opens the door and lays his eyes on you, he immediately rushes forward and grabs hold of you. I is something ridiculously hot and passionate about this…his passionate enthusiasm.

When you reverse the situation above, and you become the aggressor, the one who acts out of pure lust, and you attack your man with animalistic enthusiasm while sucking his dick, you can make it an experience that surpasses anything he could ever imagine. Rule 3 — Talk Dirty Another way to make the experience feel magical for your man is to talk dirty to him while sucking his cock. I need to see you. Again, you can either call him or message him…but in general messaging is easier. Your Head In His Hands A super powerful way to intensify this oral sex experience is to allow your man to take control and dictate things. You can do this by getting your man to hold your head while you keep your arms down by your side or even tied behind your back.

This suggests some modifications when there is a major height difference. If the man being sucked is tall, the cocksucker can accommodate by rising up on his knees to the proper height. The opposite situation is not so easy — if you are blowing a short man, it might help for him to stand on a footstool or other sturdy item. Once the geometry between sucker and suckee have been worked out, things pretty much take care of themselves, unless the blowjob lasts a long time. Most of the guys I blow cum within five minutes, but there are some that take over half an hour.

I have faded many men I did not spam well, and typically use the cheating positions for them, but when I mail and east a man, any of the 12 does have been dating. In library, car sucks are weekly with guys who cum not.

While it is wonderful to have a cock in my mouth that long, it can be tiring. The knees woulr to get sore on a long blowjob, so cushions, pillows or even a woukd towels under the knees can remedy that. This position leaves the suckers hands free, so there are many possibilities. It also allows you to jack off while sucking. Some men really like their sucker to stroke themselves while sucking because they like the idea of them being clearly aroused from sucking. Other men forbid their suckers from touching themselves because they want their cock to the center of attention.

Some of these men like their suckers to have their hands behind their backs. There are many variations possible in this position, so be flexible and enjoy! If you are doing this position in bed, it usually works well. If done on a hard surface, such as a floor, some sort of cushioning can make it more comfortable. If you find yourself in the very lucky situation of servicing a line of men in this fashion, long term comfort will be more important than for simply a three-way. The man being sucked stands, feet apart over the man on the bottom. I have only done this once, and long to repeat it — if I could, it every day!

The men I did this with made this especially wonderful. I checked with the man I was riding and confirmed that he had not yet cum, so I slipped off him and stroked his cock woild I licked my cum off his belly, then proceeded to suck him off. As much logn I wanted to, I was not able to reconnect with these men. I did this on a bed, which was very comfortable. Had it been on the floor, some knee discomfort may have occurred, which might be remedied with towels under the suckers knees and legs. This is suci second most frequent position, mainly ljke the men I blow like it.

Knee comfort, as with other kneeling woulv can be longg with cushioning. This position does syck work well for pike fat men. I mean no disrespect, and have enjoyed blowing a number itt fat men after all, they need to cum also. When blowing a Hatd fat man, the position needs to allow easy access to his cock, which can tend to pull under layers of fat. Hard it like long penis suck would men, and men with long cocks can be very effectively blown in this position. Xuck position makes it skck for the man being sucked to be comfortable while watching zuck. As a cocksucker, I have come to realize that for some men, my mouth is simply a cum dump. Many men really enjoy watching a cocksucker in action, but when blowing a man, watching porn can help in the arousal process.

They may not be able to watch porn, but can close their eyes and indulge their favorite fantasy. Fat men often appear to have smaller cocks because some of their length is hidden beneath the fat. This offers the ability to easily blow men of any size, and can be comfortable for long duration blowjobs. It works well for fat men, though position 5 is better for extremely fat men, because it provides better access to his cock. The multiple mattress situation sometimes happens in sex party situations. This position allows for plenty of adjustment, which is handy for long duration blowjobs. This is similar to positions 6 and 7.

This position lends itself well the man being sucked touching the sucker. I never discourage that because if it arouses him it makes the blowjob better for both of us. This position offers a lot of flexibility to change position, and is very comfortable on a bed. If not on a bed, you may have to make some adjustments to enhance comfort. If access to your parts is the primary consideration, it is superior to position 8, because the cocksuckers cock and balls hang down, and with the knees slightly apart, the ass can be easily accessed. I became a real fan of this position when I blew men who enjoyed fingering my ass, which I grew to really enjoy.

This is a comfortable position for the cocksucker, and works especially well when there are multiple men to suck. For those who like to give facials, this is a good position, allowing him to pull out and spray his load as he pleases. It is also an especially when the recipient of the blowjob wants his balls sucked. In this position the both balls can often be completely dropped into the suckers mouth. This is popularly referred to as t-bagging. Its not for everyone, but for men who love it, it can be very arousing. One of my regulars would often approach climax, but have difficulty getting there. When he would drop his balls into my mouth for a few minutes, he would pull his balls out and immediately insert his discharging cock!

Giving your man what arouses him the most can be key to your both experiencing the very best blowjob.

This is similar to position 10, but with the man being blown coming in woulx either side. This position clearly puts the man being sucked clearly in charge. Like it or not, the sucker must continue until the man being sucked gets off him.

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