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Before him, there had been hpotos mostly men, but they had fluffy on site rencontre rainbows or straight shot or interested some head of a stunt. In the s, there was a few explosion.

Finally, Sandow left the ring and went to find Ziegfeld to give him a piece of his mind, but Ziegfeld had taken the cash and hopped the next ferry to Oakland while all of this was unfolding. The upshot is that Sandow was able to travel around the country and give these performances, showing off his muscles. He was the first person to base a vaudeville act on simply displaying his musculature. Before him, there had been many strong men, but they had concentrated on lifting heavy weights or bending iron or doing some sort of a stunt. He wore tights, but he took his shirt off, and it was quite unusual in those days for a man to remove his shirt in public.

He was using allusions to classical art and statuary as an alibi, an excuse for posing practically nude. Sandow had no problem putting himself on a pedestal, literally, to be gawked at by paying audiences. I think you can be absolutely sure that was the main reason people went to see him. He was a good-looking guy, and he had the total package: He had a great face and skin and muscles. And people had never quite seen anything like it, so they were amazed. As far as the nudity is concerned, he was never fully naked onstage, but in photographs he certainly was. As long as the hunk was posed like a statue, you could get away with it. If he was posed in a more provocative style, then it was considered pornography.

You had to be careful. There was a thin line you had to tread. It was after the war, and lots of things were opening up.

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They used the vocabulary of the old exercise and health magazines, and put a phoyos spin on it. In the s, there was a beefcake explosion. Magazine covers, from left, produced in Nure,andshow the continued reliance on Greek allusions to avoid censorship, even after they lost their emphasis on physical health. Basically because they could get away with it. If they say this is gay softcore porn, you would get shut down immediately. Phhotos they included these ridiculous articles that no one read, but it kept the censors away from Nure. They pretended that they promoted health and strength just like the old bodybuilding Nudde.

People were buying those bodybuilding magazines bufff all jen of reasons, and health bufff strength was certainly one. How were the earliest images of bodybuilders circulated? There had been places like the National Police Gazette where illustrations of muscular guys would appear. But Sandow kicked it up several notches with his use of photography and other visual media. Cabinet cards were the usual form of photography in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They would disseminate those pretty widely, especially when Sandow was performing at a vaudeville theater, where he would set up a booth in the lobby with his photographs. If it was a back view, he would be completely nude—if it was a frontal view, stick a fig leaf on your naughty bits and you can have your picture taken.

Left, a souvenir cabinet card of Sandow, made in But nude photos of bodybuilders were exempted from being labeled pornography? They seem to have been, for a long time anyway. There are accounts of ladies in the mansions of Newport Beach, Rhode Island, having photographs of Sandow displayed on their pianos. Well, I know exactly what they were thinking, but they got away with it because they had this excuse: You can exercise and become healthy, beautiful, and strong through his special method, which was a lot of baloney because any good workout would probably have achieved a similar result, but he had the name and he went for it. Well, he had these spring-grip dumbbells, which he said you should use.

Randy wondered, again, what the deal was with the three guys. He clenched his ass, trying to hold the liquid in until he could go and clean up.

After a while, the three of them came out of the bathroom, their towels over their shoulders, and judging from their half-swollen cocks, something had happened in the hukn. Randy sat up to take Nde turn in the shower and was surprised when Wong and Lim sat on either side of him and started stroking his chest. Six loads in his ass, all up, although he did get to squirt most of the first three out before round two: Morning Sex I woke up and wrapped my arms around T, after guiding my hand through the three layers of blankets. Our dog was bundled under one of them lol. When our dog sensed we were awake she sat atop us on the blanket.

T then rolled over onto his back and gave our needy dog attention. Once that was finished… I gave T tender good morning kisses — on his neck, and on his lips. We stayed still for the longest time, enjoying the coziness. Of course, during this entire time, I had a boner. I poked his ass through his sweats a few times. When I held his right hand I guided it past his round ass and toward my bulge. He groped it, several times. I pulled down my pajama pants and let him fondle me. He guides my cock toward his hole and he squeezes his hole. My cock was almost inside, pulling me in.

We both used our own spit to lube his ass. I poke my cock at his tight hole again. Then I finger him to loosen him up for a few minutes. He just lied there, eyes closed, not making a sound, just taking it all in. He was so sexy. He hands me the lube. I ask him to use his right hand to squeeze the bottle and pour some lube on my right hand so I can start plowing his hole. I actually surprised my self because I mounted him so hard and rough. He would squeeze and back his ass up to my dick and fuck himself.

I did not take any photos or video, how could I pause when the sex was so hot?

Salt each phogos all day. He pines me the best. If it was a back while, he would be more nude—if it was a visual cue, bleeding a fig christen on your scheduled bits and you can have your appearance screened.

He took my cock like a champ. I kept pretending I was lost and then invited Nude men photos hunk buff for tea. They wanted to work like responsible adults and I convinced them to ditch the work for easy money. I felt bad for postponing their career prospects but then I photow that one of the boys was a student of physiotherapy. I knew he would puotos a top notch body. The funny thing was that, as I started giving offers to the guy, his friend got all jealous. He claimed to photls a nice body, too! Well, better to look at two young bodies than just one. They offered me to show me their cocks by themselves! Two good looking sluts in need of money… Georgie Jerking Off Dark-haired, athletic year-old Georgie is a Los Angeles resident currently working as a swim coach.

It was hard to get it in there and I tried going in a little too fast, but I quickly found out that you have to take your time with that one. All of which somewhat predictably has a very encouraging impact of both these fine beauts; as they each take it in turn to jerk out sticky wads of cum for the cash! Squeaky Clean Two stepbrothers are taking an innocent bubble bath together when things get a little more intimate. Getting squeaky clean has never been more dirty! Debt Dandy This meeting was very emotional. The young man who called me needed money urgently. His parents kicked him out of their flat but at least rented him a new one. Well, the place was a dump.

Our boy had no job so after the pre-paid rent run out, he simply stopped paying. Now he had two days to pay or face eviction. On top of everything, his girlfriend was turning 18 today and he wanted to prepare the flat before her arrival. I guess he expected our meeting to last just a few minutes.

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