Furring strip concrete

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How to Fasten Furring Strips to Concrete, Brick or Block

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Strip concrete Furring

Don't leave too much of a gap here, though. Some jurisdictions may require that you come back and fill these gaps with Fireproof Foam after the wires have been run. This is rare, but keep it in mind. Beginning at a block corner The first thing to think about is the fact that your sheet of drywall does not run all the way back into the corner. The reason for this is that the other sheet of drywall, the one turning the corner, sits off the wall an inch and a quarter because of how it is also mounted to the block. It will be sitting an inch and a quarter off that wall.

But why even begin at a block corner? The perimeter of a Furrlng is done first so that you can butt your cut ends up against perpendicular walls. This hides those ragged cuts when the board is applied to the intersecting stud walls. And it is a lot easier to just drag a sheet right into the corner as you enter a room. Yes, use a level to do this. The end of that eight footer will be placed right in the middle of that strip. Now you want to place some more all across the area where the board will soon go so you can have something to screw the board to.

This is most easily accomplished by hooking your tape measure over the furring strip you just nailed on, and pulling it tightly back toward the corner.

Make a pencil mark at every 16 inches That starter strip in the corner is done a little differently than the rest. These concrete fasteners come with a flat, countersunk head that will create a smooth surface to attach to. It is important to consider what base material the furring strip or 2x4 will be attached to before installation. Keep in mind that these fasteners can be anchored into the mortar joint so spacing will not pose a problem. However, the holding values of an anchor placed in a mortar joint are directly dependent upon the quantity and quality of the mortar itself which will vary in every situation. Line up the furring strips or 2x4s in the desired position to determine where the holes should be drilled.

Do not drill all holes in a straight line, make sure the anchors are staggered. Using a hammer drill, drill your holes using a carbide-tipped masonry bit. The holes should be the same diameter as the sleeve anchor. Clear the holes of all debris using compressed air, a shop-vac or wire brush. Insert the sleeve fasteners into the holes and make sure they are secure and positioned correctly. Carefully position the furring strips or 2x4s in the exact, desired position. Tighten all the nuts to ensure the stud is secure.

For more detailed information, please take a look at this Sleeve Anchor Installation Video. Determine the desired position of the furring strips or 2x4s before drilling any holes. To accomplish this, you may need a few instructions, as well as the right materials and tools. Step 1 — Preparation Measure your concrete wall to determine the number of furring strips or studs you'll need. Determine not only the number of strips you'll need, but their length.

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If you have 8 feet or more between your floor and your ceiling, you'll probably want to use 8-foot strips. Also, decide how far out from the wall you want your drywall installed. If you plan to use insulation batts, you'll need the space provided by a 4-inch stud. For walls with no insulation, or with rigid insulation, a 2-inch stud should work. Cut all your strips to size before you begin installing them on your wall.

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