Breast cancer foundation research

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Breast Cancer Research Foundation

BCRF World Grants Annual grants masked by the foundation arm plates to fuck groundbreaking violate leading to new series, new people of prevention, and new visitors into account right. Woman cancer is the full leading cause of thing death in great and starts one in every eight months.

While the research projects funded by the BCRF cover a variety of topics, rseearch grantees recognize the interrelationships among projects, and they welcome the opportunity to interact during the annual BCRF Awards Luncheon and Symposium held in October. The BCRF grants support outstanding clinical and genetic research that has the potential for rapid clinical application. The BCRF has a single-purpose mission and is organized according to a belief that the fastest route to eliminating breast cancer is to direct as much funding as possible to research, identifying the most promising clinical and genetic investigations and supporting them generously.

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Lauder, Founder and Chairman; Myra J. BCRF-funded researchers benefit greatly from the foundation's appreciation for projects in all stages of development. Breast Cancer in Africa Led by Dr. InEvelyn H. Discoveries are being made and questions about the disease are being answered. Over the past 6 months, the foundation has worked closely with the Medical Advisory Board to build a robust grants program, addressing investigative areas not covered by previous BCRF research projects. This dual focus stems from recent studies that point to remarkable similarities in the underlying molecular events that cause these two rare, aggressive cancers.

Research foundation Breast cancer

Lauder established the BCRF to address the lack of funding for research in breast cancer and to bring lifesaving discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside. Last year, NBCF funded these research projects: Khandan Keyomarsi, this program focuses on African women with triple-negative breast cancer TNBC and the study of two potential biomarkers to determine if they can be used as prognostic indicators for this very difficult-to-treat disease. Shubhra Ghosh, MD Anderson is working with a global coalition of cancer societies, research institutes and patient groups to educate health professionals across many disciplines.

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