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On the cover of Moby Grape 's first album, Moby Grapeband member Don Stevenson was caught flipping the bird at the camera.

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Back row, far left. This gesture is also used similarly in IndonesiaTurkey and China. The gesture is typically made with the hand and fingers curled and the thumb thrust between the middle and index fingers. The use of the middle finger has become pervasive in popular culture.

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Silenus and bearded man with middle finger extended assses the "infamis digitus" to ward off the evil eye. The gesture on the assds is the obscene gesture. Bushformer President of the United Statesaccidentally made the gesture while on a diplomatic trip to Australia. The North Koreans, ignorant of what the gesture meant, were at first told by the prisoners that it was a "Hawaiian good luck sign", similar to the shaka.

According to anthropologist Desmond Morristhe gesture probably came to the United States via Italian immigrants. Socrates called one who made the gesture "boorish and stupid". In ancient Greek comedythe finger was a gesture of insult toward another person, with the term katapugon also referring to "a male who submits to anal penetration" [12] or katapygaina to a female.

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