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Each suit included a built-in bra, French cuffs with Playboy cuff links, satin ears and 3-inch heels.

Main[ edit ] Eddie Cibrian as Nick Dalton, a smooth high-powered attorney and Playboy Club key-holder who plans to run for state's attorney, but also harbors secret connections to organized crime. The image was widely disseminated on the Internet and featured in the magazine TV Guide. Pearl was based on a real-life Playboy Club seamstress named Betty. A secret member of the Mattachine Society, Sean is also a political campaigner who was to serve as Nick's campaign manager during a state's attorney run in later episodes. No nude scenes were written or planned for the film; the clauses were intended for possible R-rated versions of the show for the DVD release and for domestic and foreign cable syndication.

Maher was closeted before taking the role and he publicly came out as the show aired because he felt the series was a good platform to openly discuss his sexuality and encourage public discourse about the issue. She loves Max but cannot marry him because she is already married, although separated from her husband.

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Mobie cast, best crew, we deserved more. Cibrian, who was cast just plsyboy few days before filming began, [13] commuted from his Los Angeles home to the set in Chicago for filming. Under the agreement, the actors could not be forced to perform nude scenes, but if nudity were required for a particular scene, they would have to review the script and then be given the opportunity to agree or decline. This is more like ChicagoMoulin Rouge!

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This is a fun, sexy soap. Although the series premiere started with Nick helping Maureen out of a difficult situation, Heard said of the character, "Don't underestimate that character and her intelligence, and the journey that she's going to take to really rise above that. NBC did not plan to broadcast the remaining episodes that were already filmed. Amber Heard as Bunny Maureen, a recently hired Playboy Bunny who is innocent and naive to the ways of the city, yet is running from mysterious and unexplained things in her dark past.

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