Breast cancer fighting sprirt

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14-Year Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Fighting Spirit With Loved Ones

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Aspinwall, PhD, and Richard Eprirt. Tedeschi, PhD, wrote that optimistic people are more likely to take better care of themselves—exercise, eat healthfully and not smoke. They also may adhere better to medical instructions and rehabilitation. So the actions, not the thoughts, are what account for at least some of the good health outcomes. Plus, then you have to prove that it matters. So strengthening it may not always be a benefit. Yet many people continue to believe—and they say they have seen it work.

Patricia Wagner, a cancer patient in Arizona, is one such believer. She vighting had it since and has outlived the average life expectancy cancwr about five years. It led her to educate herself and to seek out what she believed was the best treatment, she says. The medical world can be a negative one, Wagner says. When she told a doctor about her alternative treatment methods, he responded by saying there was no evidence to support what she was doing.

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fiighting Though she still gets appropriate medical care, she sees it as mainly precautionary. The last thing he did was lose. You know how you feel. You need people who are strong enough to hear that.

Sprirt fighting Breast cancer

Fighging to her full-time freelance career, Leigh Ann worked at CNN and fjghting as managing editor for a national health magazine. A proud aunt, Leigh Ann splits her time between Mississippi and Alaska. Within days, she was in for the fight of her life. What came next was 16 grueling rounds of chemotherapy. Twelve rounds of the drug Taxol, and four rounds of Adriamycin, often called red devil, the most powerful and toxic of all chemotherapy drugs. My doctor told me that I would be sick, but I never expected to be as sick as I was.

That relief came in the form of acupuncture. Never a believer in alternative medicine or therapies, Walsh was reluctant to take the advice of her friend to see Dr. Bob Cowan, but was willing to give it a try to keep her body in the fight. I had a degree fever, and was so weak I had to lay down in the backseat to get there. Within 45 minutes of receiving my acupuncture treatment, my nausea and fever were gone, my arms and legs regained their strength, and I was laughing with my friend.

From that day forward, Walsh saw Dr. Cowan three times a week which got sprit through the worst of her treatments. Another alternative method that Walsh used to combat the side effects of her treatments were Penguin Cold Caps, a drug free and non-invasive technique of scalp cooling, proven to be successful in minimizing hair loss during chemotherapy treatment. When I told her that I might lose my hair and look different, it really scared her.

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