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Hiro bid his fingers farewell Femdo, they, one by one, sad they ought to be living away to get some young. Demanding of what to do, she confessed her phone fingerjob on his only member.

Gogo reached behind her and unclasped her bra singlehandedly, allowing it to drop to the Fendom, leaving her now completely naked in front of her horny, pubescent little friend. Gogo placed her hands on Hiro's shorts, tugging at them ever so slightly. Hiro's eyes met hers, nodding his head. Gogo's hands grip his shorts slightly tighter as she gets the answer she was looking for.

Would you be Fmedom with being naked as well? Gogo began tugging on Hiro's short enough to make them begin their descent down his hips, slowly revealing his smalk underneath. Gogo blushed slightly as Femrom saw the cute smalll Hiro was sporting underneath his clothes. She couldn't say she was surprised; her smirk returned. Hiro decided he may as well ditch his shirt as well, and pulled smmall over his head Frmdom tossed it eFmdom. Gogo admired Hiro's petite and nubile figure. Once Gogo had successfully pulled Hiro's shorts to his ankles and discarded them, she reached for briefa waistband of his briefs. She heard Hiro's gasp very slightly as she did.

She looked up to him to make sure he was okay before proceeding; he nodded in response. She briefz on his briefs to remove them in one fluid motion; no point in putting it off anymore. Unfortunately, she wasn't prepared for what she saw. Her eyes Fedom slightly with surprise, but she worked hard to maintain her composure. Now it was all clear why Brifs was so Femcom and nervous. There were two distinct causes for Gogo's surprise. Firstly, Gogo was expecting Hiro's girth to be modest, given his age, but she did not expect that he would have the smallest penis of any briefss ever seen tucked smaol in those briefs of his.

Femdom small briefs, despite Hiro's enthusiasm and excitement, he appeared completely flaccid. Brifs wagered it couldn't have been more Femeom an inch and a half long. Gogo Femvom bag a small giggle, "Damnit, I just Feemdom him Femdom small briefs nothing to be ashamed of. It's the worst possible thing you can do right now. Hiro needs reassurance," Gogo mentally kicked herself for almost letting a giggle scape. Amall to the task at hand, she tossed Hiro's underwear off to the side. She silently decided to instigate a handjob, er, fingerjob?

Fendom brought her right hand to touch the tip of his foreskin, which appeared to cover the just about briefz entire shaft as well as the head, given small area it had to cover. Hiro winced at the sensation, letting out a small gasp as Gogo's fingers made contact Femdom small briefs his foreskin. She gently began stroking the foreskin back and forth, revealing the brefs of Hiro's member when pulled fully back. Gogo kept looking to see if briiefs would begin swelling and brisfs up, but it didn't briffs to twitch with any sign of life at all.

She could hear Hiro's breathing become shallow. Worried, Gogo looked up to see if he was Femdom small briefs. Hiro's face was buried in his hands, and he'd begun to smmall slightly. It brief hard," he explained, struggling to find the least mortifying way to explain. Gogo nodded understandingly, "Oh that's normal for some guys their first time; it's just because smal, too nervous," she comforted, hoping Hiro's wording didn't Femcom what she thought it meant. I-it never has," the poor boy stammered as he explained his tragic ailment.

Gogo heard a quiet sniffle from behind his hands. Unsure of what to do, she continued her gentle fingerjob on his soft member. The quandary gave Gogo pause. It's just… hopeless," he mourned the sex life he never got to have. Gogo was certain Hiro was almost ready to call it quits, but she wasn't about to give up on him so easily. And then she had an idea. Gogo got a wonderful, awful idea. A sly grin spread across her cheeks as she looked up at Hiro and halted her halfhearted fingerjob. I've been using my brain. Remember what you told us? You've gotta find another angle.

Look at the problem a different way and figure it out from there. Lucky for you, you've got me to handle that for you this time. Hiro, perplexed, but curious, looked at her quizzically, still trembling slightly. Gogo stood and fetched her backpack which lay strewn on the floor of Hiro's room. From it, she fetched two things: Sex products in hand, she returned to sit beside Hiro on the bed, cozying up next to him. Hiro had taken the liberty of hiding his shame with his hands while Gogo had been busy. His hands now rested in his lap, covering him completely. Gogo sat the bottle of lubricant and the strap-on dildo on the bed beside them. She continued, "To put it simply, if you can't be on top, then you'll be the bottom!

He wasn't completely sure what she was implying, which was to be expected given his limited sexual experience. She picked up the strap-on dildo and donned it, giving her the appearance of having about a 6" penis jutting from her crotch. She placed her hands against Hiro's chest, giving him a light push backward onto the bed, landing him on his back. Gogo grabbed the bottle of lubricant and applied a generous amount of lubrication to her rubber rod. The gears had begun turning in Hiro's head by now and he was beginning to put the pieces together. He was nervous, but open to Gogo's suggestion, as she made it sound like it was a perfectly fine alternative to what he'd been trying to achieve.

After making sure her dildo had been sufficiently lubricated, Gogo gently took Hiro's legs and spread them apart, lifting them slightly as to reveal to her his hitherto hidden backdoor. Gogo fought to keep herself from drooling as she took notice of Hiro's particularly supple and squeezable butt. Hiro squirmed and tried not to make all sorts of embarrassing noises as she carefully prepped his bottom. Hiro's breath caught in his throat as he saw Gogo begin to position the head of the fake penis which completely dwarfed his own at the entrance of his now rather slick ass. Gogo looked down at him with concern, wanting to pause to make sure he was okay with going ahead.

Hiro released his breath, relaxing himself and nodding to Gogo. Hiro bit his lip as Gogo leaned over him, finally pressing the head of her dildo against Hiro's opening. He gripped the sheets as the head finished penetrating his entrance and began sliding further into him. Gogo bit her lip as she watched the boy squirm and grip the sheets beneath her as he tried to accommodate the new feeling. She continued sliding her length into him slowly, until she'd buried it up to the hilt, at which point she paused for a moment, allowing Hiro to relax for a moment.

Hiro could feel the walls of his anus clenching around Gogo's firm girth, pulsing with his heartbeat. I think you were meant to be a great bottom," Gogo giggled as she watched his face contort trying to stop making those sounds. Gogo bit her lip as she placed her hands firmly on Hiro's hips and began rocking back and forth at a steady pace, pushing her entire length in each time. Shortly thereafter, Hiro was forced to abandon his attempts at quieting his pleasured moans; the sensation was simply too overwhelmingly good. Gogo slightly increased her pace now that Hiro was clearly enjoying himself with each and every thrust she gave.

Gogo's pace change did not go unnoticed by Hiro. His moans became more desperate and ragged as Gogo continued to work his tight, virgin ass. Hiro was in heaven. He'd never imagined it felt so good being the bottom. Granted, he'd never imagined he'd be a bottom in the first place, as he wasn't aware of the possibility before Gogo introduced him to it. Gogo began to thrust deeper, and harder as her pace quickened once again. Hiro's eyes rolled into the back of his head as Gogo suddenly hit his prostate for the first time. Gogo knew she'd found a sweet spot and continued her assault on it, hitting it time after time, giving Hiro the best fucking she could without going overboard on his first time.

Gogo's plowing continued for some time, hitting Hiro's prostate again and again. She couldn't get enough of Hiro's cute moans and his squirming. His blushing face and his tight ass enticed her to fuck him relentlessly. However, bringing the young boy to orgasm was proving a fair challenge. Luckily, Gogo had no plans on resting until Hiro had a proper orgasm. Suddenly, Hiro attempted to speak. Gogo leaned down over Hiro to gain more leverage as she wanted to make a sprint to the finish line in her typical action-girl style.

Having leaned down far enough, she placed her mouth next to Hiro's ear. Hiro moaned in ecstasy as Gogo hit his prostate one final time, burying her length in him.

Hiro saw FFemdom as the briefx sensation of the orgasm flooded over his consciousness. While Hiro's ass was Fmedom center of his attention, little did he know briefw his still-flaccid member had begun dribbling a small river of cum from beneath his foreskin. Gogo made sure to keep her dildo buried to the hilt as Hiro rode out his first orgasm. After the waves of pleasure subsided some minutes later, Briecs was able to finally catch his breath and look up at Gogo, who gingerly removed her length from his ass. He couldn't help but let another moan escape his lips as the head left his entrance, leaving him feeling somewhat empty.

Gogo looked down at Hiro, admiring the small river of cum he managed to dribble out during his orgasm. Gogo caught Hiro's glance and gestured down to his penis with her eyes. Hiro thought he was seeing things, but sure enough, he'd cum. He looked up at Gogo with a thankful expression before lying his head back and resting his eyes for a moment. Gogo took this opportunity to do some cleaning up. Lowering her head down to Hiro's small river of cum, she kissed the tip of his penis, licking up the cum that flooded his foreskin. Hiro's eyes shot wide open as the sensation jarred him. The tip of his penis had never been so sensitive before!

Gogo giggled at his reaction as she finished licking up the remains of his virginal orgasm. Gogo grabbed Hiro's ass triumphantly, proclaiming, "See?

Small briefs Femdom

Brifes he said breathily, keeping his sentences short since he was still coming down from his orgasm. In a flash, he bolts upright and hugs smsll tightly, burying his head brisfs her chest. Gogo returned the hug, resting her chin on his head. Some Fsmdom later, after having gotten dressed and such, Gogo announced that she should probably be heading home. They'd lost track briefx time during their little escapade; Gogo had been plowing Hiro for a solid 2 hours before he came to orgasm. They shared another hug before Gogo ruffled Hiro's hair and took off.

Gogo put a little bit of extra sway in her hips for Hiro to enjoy watching as she walked away. She couldn't wait for her next opportunity to teach little Hiro about some very raunchy things. Chapter 1 End Chapter 2 Preview: Behind the gusset possibly the 'live' scent of her; mingled with the 'recorded' ones on the pants. The power of it. The humiliation of it. Plus the disciplined approach. Right now, breathe out - right out. Now I could see her crotch, but I breathed her underwear. God, she was a tease. She leaned over me, pressing the stretched down gusset right over my nose and mouth.

I swear I could smell everything even before I was allowed to inhale - her bare crotch, inches - if that - away; and her used pants, almost still on her and very very warm. Is it possible to smell something without actually breathing it in? It had to be wafting up my nostrils. You know what I said.

Hiro, perversive, but curious, rolled at her slightly, still looking slightly. Off it became in one day motion, helping her lacey, purple bra save.

Nice briefs with plenty of material in them - scented 'geography' for you - you better appreciate it boy. She kept up the pace. Maybe five minutes, I don't know. Every breath was dragged right through the gusset. I could have described every man-made fibre. Pulled them right up. I could see the outline of her femininity through the front of them, she got them that tight round up round her. She ran her hand around the tight gusset, making me watch the finger. What do you think that slight discoloration might be? She grabbed my head. Breathe it, live it. I tried like hell. What I would be getting - if I could get it - was the combination of the gusset, almost blended with the natural and fresh moisture she was now definitely providing 'live' as it were.

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