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The key is having a proper support system to give you perspective, motivate you and possibly give you a dose of tough love. Its vital to staying on track to keep a support system close throughout prep filled with friends, family, and fellow competitors to encourage you and help push you when you need it. Daily Time Commitment Many people, when considering preparing for a bikini contest or any fitness competition in general, only think about the time that they must spent in the gym training to get ready. Little do they realize that there are many other aspects beyond training that are required of you during prep.

Allocating some time prepare and measure your meals, posing, cooking and even sleeping you need to sleep at least 8 hours, so that you can recover from the intense training. Sleep Skimping on sleep is a no-go for prep. Plus, your body will need the sleep to be able to properly burn fat and keep your metabolism humming. Devoting the time to sleep is vital to success. I wrote about the full list of benefits of proper sleep here.

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Endless support and guidance Dontest your dontest we outline a maintenance plan, so that you maintain a super fit fitnsss year round! Book a Free Consultation Bikini Competition and Figure Contest Prep Coaches Finding the right bikini competition prep conrest figure contest fitness coach will make or break your competition and is the cornerstone of your success on stage. Our team consists of two award-winning fitness competitors, with many years of experience in the industry, who have helped dozens of women step on stage and come home with shiny medals and trophies! We do not believe in drastic dieting and endless cardio and hours of training a day, but rather using a slow steady training and a smart nutrition approach.

This will allow you to achieve the results you desire, enjoy the process, without facing the huge weight gain rebound effects many competitors have after their show. Even after your show we are there for you to provide you with a detailed post-show workout and nutrition plan so that you can maintain a lean, healthy figure off season. Sessions are 1 — 1.

We sat down with Amy to discuss her best advice for how to train for your first bikini fitness competition, everything from how to best use your gym backpack to its fullest meal management capabilities to tips on the actual judging process, and much more. Check out part one below and make sure to come back for part two! Inspiration and Support Before you compete for a bikini competition, you have to get inspired. For Amy, she followed gymgirljessie Jessie Deye on Instagram, and was really inspired by her posts. So when I saw this real girl with a real job, who wasn't a fitness model, I was inspired to compete," Amy said.

Seeing that other regular people can do it shows you that you can too. That wasn't going to work. She decided that to compete, she'd have to fall in love with the training itself.

It made me feel good overall," Amy said. But your muscles look pretty cut coated in all that bronzer. You pee in a cup contestt a day. To avoid ruining your spray tan, most coaches recommend that you pee in a cup then dump it into the Bikinii each time you use the bathroom the day of conhest show. Your suit is literally glued to your butt, boobs and crotch. Cosete Jarrett My trainer used Bikini Bite to glue the edges of my suit to my body. Some coaches used other adhesives for this, such carpet glue. The purpose here is to make sure the necessary body parts remain covered as you move through your poses in a suit that was made to show as much skin as possible.

I was hoping to go with an inexpensive suit from Etsy, but my trainer had other ideas. Certain muscles are trained to help you properly display your rear. The two competitors in the middle are in the pose. Cosete Jarrett The ideal rear pose has you sticking your butt out just enough to make sure it looks its absolute best, while also keeping your back upright enough to make sure the pose is family-friendly. Turns out, you need to build a specific lower back muscle for this. Word to the wise, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I used products from Walden Farms to spice up my meals with coach-approved flavor. The syrup for my protein pancakes was actually really good, but the salad dressings, alfredo sauce, marshmallow dip, chocolate syrups and jams were gross.

The worst stomach aches came from the creamy products, like the ranch dressing and alfredo sauce.

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