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My obsessive thoughts about food have disappeared and my weight is returning to normal. If we don't accept ourselves, food and weight Chubbyy mask the pain. For the past 25 years it's been me against my body -- a painful, insecure, self-defeating battlefield. Instead of trying to reach some predetermined cast of perfection, I've turned inward. My shift was simple; I turned down my mind and tuned into my heart.

Lady Chubby

I've allowed myself to be me. All because I stopped resisting. The idea of conscious eating was Chubb new to me. My desire to shove cookie dough in my face has gone away. I began to acknowledge that my body is just a vessel for love. Maybe it was time I actually accepted myself. I started to approach food differently. This process has allowed me to be more comfortable being me.

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The extra weight on our bodies is just a manifestation of the imbalance of our thoughts. Instead of obsessing over what I ate yesterday or counting calories in my chewing gum, I've loosened the reins. I'd tell myself "I'm pretty cool, wearing fancy yoga pants everyday. A few months ago I found myself explaining to a friend, "I weigh more than I ever have, I'm in the largest pants size of my life. Until I came across that quote And sugar is super fun to eat It is a by-product of lack of self worth.

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