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Shunned and homeless LGBT Ukrainians find shelter in Kiev

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She said transgender people were particularly vulnerable to abuse as they had to show ID documents that did not reflect Ukraine homosexual appearance or sex at checkpoints in conflict-hit areas. Oksana, a year-old transgender woman from Donetsk, said a militiaman manning a checkpoint pointed a gun at her head because of her looks weeks before she left for Kiev in She had started undergoing hormone treatment two years earlier after another weapon - a hunting rifle she held against her head - misfired in a failed suicide attempt. Until then she had kept her sexuality quiet, fearing the wrath of her family.

When a pro-Western government was elected following the Maidan protests that erupted in and led to the ousting of pro Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, human rights activists envisioned a society more accepting of LGBT people. There are, however, signs that support for LGBT rights is strengthening. The first Pride event in attracted just participants and was cut short by counter protestors who violently interrupted the march.

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We should not need so much protection from the police. We've never parted since then," Katya recalls. The women searched homosexaul for information on how and where to formalize their relationship. At first they thought of going to Denmark, because they knew that it was easy enough for foreigners to register a marriage on the website of the Copenhagen City Hall there is a list of paperwork needed, while even no personal presence is required when submitting documents.

We just needed our passports, German residence permits, birth certificates translated into German, certificates proving we were not married when applying which Ukrzine received at the Ukrainian embassyand papers from our place of residence — that's in the city of Cologne. A month after we filed these documents, we had our wedding," says Katya. At first, it was a civil partnership since it was only on October 1,that same-sex marriage was allowed in Germany. And after this date, Katya and Vika finally became official spouses. We had to once again apply to the local Town Hall to have our partnership transformed into marriage.

Homosexual Ukraine

Ukraine homosexual To this end, we only needed our passports as all homosexuzl necessary documents had been provided earlier. The Ukrainee certificate of marriage has a back date in it, indicating the initial date of our partnership registration," says Katya. Now the girls continue to live in Germany. Vika is a programmer at an Ukrainee company, while Katya combines work and study kUraine the same field hlmosexual software development. They have no desire to return to their homeland. The age of consent is 16, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. Inthe national Government revised its laws regarding gender identity to allow for, under medical approval, sex reassignment surgery and new personal identification.

Gender identity and expression[ edit ] Transsexuality is classified as a psychiatric disorder. Previously, all applicants needed permission from a special commission of the Ministry of Healthcare and needed to spend 30 days in a psychiatric hospital usually placed in the same wards with patients who are mentally ill and needed to be diagnosed with "transsexuality". Adoption and parenting[ edit ] Single persons who are citizens of Ukraine regardless of sexual orientation are allowed to adopt, but same-sex couples are explicitly banned from adoption Clause of Family Code of Ukraine.

The law also mentions that persons "whose interests conflict with the interests of the child" may not be adopters, but whether this provision has ever been applied against gay adopters is unknown.

Additional restrictions are placed on foreign adopters. That seemed more possible with the Ukraibe government in Kyiv promising to impose European standards and values. They complain that the rights and freedoms demanded by UUkraine protesters on Kyiv's Independence Square, or simply the Maidan, have been overlooked and ignored. Domani was among the first people to heed public calls to gather on the Maidan. The first thing she did was to add her name and contact information to a list where Ukrainians arriving from outside the capital could seek housing so they could remain in Kyiv during the protests.

For the next 93 days or so, she said, she shared her modest Kyiv apartment with 10 to 15 people, depending on the week. When Domani was on the Maidan, she could often be found on the barricades alongside other protesters as they clashed with police and pro-government thugs, known as "titushki," amid the blazing fires and freezing cold.

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