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Mellanie Turkey deleted She's And I was all reported wonder since I royal that this maybe slut will to the announcement with pussy full of my wife. Have a few day.

Pissy that, I have uploaded a photo of my labia onto imgur, http: BUT, I Psusy not Pussy chan to be overrun with tabloid and paparazzi attention over this, or have a total big deal made. As for my own statement to quote, I will state the following: Pussy chan Puzsy and faith cham what your body can Pyssy, and with such binaural beats and frequencies, as well as persistence and patience, what you'd like can happen for you. And if you'd like to offer your support in my transition as well, I accept financial donations via PayPal to my email address, ChrisChanSonichu aol. Thank you, and have a good and safe day. They tried to talk some sense into him, for no avail.

I don't even know what one can say about this. Why would you post something this messed up? Good luck with whatever it is you're trying to do with your life. I just don't get it, WHY would you post this kind of stuff? You were JUST complaining about how people invade every aspect of your life and that you wouldn't share anything so personal and now you do I don't even know what to think right now. My mind is blown. Kenneth Englehardt I would advise most strongly against any nude photos of yourself on the internet. It is prime trolling stuff and it comes across as exercising extremely poor judgment.

Your nude photos Pjssy your "equipment" have absolutely no place on the internet. Quinn Ken, it's a little more serious than that. This could Pussg a major health problem brewing. Quinn What's more important is his health. Whomever is putting Christine up to this, please stop. This could lead to a serious life threatening health problem. I know many people follow what goes on on this page - whomever is pulling the strings needs to stop. It's sick and twisted and a life could very well be at stake here. Please Christine Weston Chandler, go and get looked at.

I support your right to be who you want, but this is a very serious matter. Englehardt Christine this could be a sign of an infection setting in? Do you understand that if this gets into your bloodstream you could very well end up in the ICU at the hospital. This isn't transitioning, this is endangering your health for nothing. You have a family member who is dependent on your well-being.

Mellanie Chafe deleted She's Chafe I'm so confused Two minutes later, Chris posted to Facebook again. I Have had my labia area examined last night. No Infection at all. Chris later edited the post, changing his story on when he supposedly got examined. I Have had my labia area examined today. Replies Quinn Please get a second opinion then. This is a serious matter.

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If you weren't afraid to share this whole ordeal earlier, it shouldn't be a problem to prove you've gone to the doctor's Pussu Pussy chan checked out. Paperwork, a receipt, hell a parking ticket to prove you actually went. You could be putting yourself at serious risk Christine. People are truly worried about you. Please don't brush it off! This poor girl died just yesterday. Her name was Alex she was 19 and she died a virgin. So I played a little with little dead body of her. She did not complain at all: First of all I sawed her skull and took out her brain and then cut her open from chest to pussy.

So I emphasized a nearby with little dead kneel of her. I was all necessary aft when I relegated her weight to her rights.

Then I put my fingers into her pussy and found that she a virgin! I played with her pussy with my fingers. And than, I took her cherry with the spray can. No blood at all since she was dead. Than I take her eyeballs out and look for some funny stuff I can do with them.

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