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Gay Men Pics

I polished my family family, but I couldn't be able with them. It was an interesting time to be a gay man in the deep:.

So you came home? Yes, but the hard photograpu was I'd planned to be gone for two photogralh, and here I was, back just two months phoograph. I suddenly found myself with a blank calendar. Gzy the trip, I'd bought a new camera, and I thought, "Well, I can take some classes in photography to learn how to use it," and I discovered I really liked it. What shaped your photographic style? Having come to photography a bit later in life and having experienced all I did in the world of nonprofit really shaped the kind of photography I'm interested in. So much of art school is about learning to be an artist, and yet integral to who I am is the idea of community. The Gay Men Project perfectly dovetails those two concepts, enabling me to marry my passions.

You mentioned coming out to your mom. What was your coming-out experience like? I had known I was gay for a long time, even if I didn't have words to express it. I remember being an 8-year-old kid, taking swimming lessons, and seeing people naked in the locker room. It wasn't a sexual experience but a curiosity.

Still, I had the idea in my head that one day I'd get married to a woman, because that was just the way things were done. It wasn't until I was 19 that I had an experience with another man, and even then, I thought marriage to a woman might still be a possibility. It was only after college, when I moved away from home for a job with AmeriCorps in California, that I finally decided to live as an openly gay man. Just before I left Portland, I told all my close friends that I was gay, and over the next few years I told my sisters and my mom.

I feel like I've now created the kind of life I'd always wanted. Where did the inspiration for the Gay Men Project, which you started as a blog, come from? I came up with the idea after I came out to my mom. We were sitting there, across the kitchen table from each other, and I said, "Mom, I'm gay," and I still remember the confused look on her face. Later, she told me that the reason she was so confused is that she was wondering if I was going to look different.

Being a year-old Vietnamese woman, she had no reference point. I photorgaph familiar with Catherine Opie's Domestic projectwhich looked at lesbians, capturing a mzle of the community, phktograph I decided I wanted to do the same kind of thing with gay men. I wanted to photograph as many men as I could, with as much diversity as possible, to show people like my mom that there isn't necessarily a "look. As one of the people I photographed said, "To me, being gay means both nothing and everything at the same time. How did you first get started? I started shooting on film and doing prints as part of my classwork. I'd bring in the photos to show my classmates, and what was interesting was that as much as they liked the photos, they wanted to know the stories behind each.

Photograph Gay male

I realized I needed a better platform for people to discover these, which led to the creation of the blog. Before I came out, I remember looking for depictions of gay men on the Internet, and I think it is a great way to expose people to who we are. For example, prior to photographing my first family with gay parents, I had no real concept of what that might be like, but having been to this couple's home and seen them in their environment, I better understood what their lives were like. Hopefully this can help document the varied experiences of these different gay men that I'm meeting.

And while the blog started out utilizing your own photos, you've now opened it up to contributions from others. I want this to be a community. While most of the photos are currently mine, I want this to be a reciprocal experience where people feel welcome in sharing their own stories. I'm only able to travel to cities I have access to, and to get the reach and diversity I'm hoping for, I need submissions.

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Even if people want to remain anonymous, without a photo, but share their story, they can do that as well. The more people who share, the better. People are visiting the blog from all over the world, places like Iraq and Syria. I got a letter recently from a kid in London who said that by reading through the stories of others on the blog, he was able to come out to his parents. Those responses are why I'm doing this. As a photographer, you have a certain aesthetic. Christopher Street was the home of the Stonewall Innwhere riots against police brutality and homophobia in helped kick off a nationwide movement for LGBT rights. For a period in the s, the street was almost exclusively populated by gay men.

For the first time in history, people like me felt able to live proudly, publicly, without shame. It was the first time in my life experiencing that, and it changed me irrevocably. I ditched the MBA and enrolled in photography school. The whole gay movement was inescapable. It was literally too many men, not enough time. The city became one giant open air bar. People were just having casual sex with whoever went by. There were trucks stationed along the piers where you could go and hook up any night of the week. And we were younger, I guess. It all seemed more possible then. I was in a semi-monogamous situation so I had to tone it down, and for me, the camera became a substitute: It was a vicarious thrill to go up to someone and shoot them.

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