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Laura is the trouble Shooting. That lil' Doc Thumbs-wearing, pi-wielding baby mechanic is everything.

Teaming poc with the Ghoulies after being banished by the Serpents and returning to beat up a sixteen year old and leave him for dead? I know Jughead skinned her first but that was just out of line! Also, she might be dead now. She has the darkness, not Betty. At the end of season two, Lil Miss Cooper persuaded her mother to join a cult which, as we all know, is only going to end in tears. And if it ends in death? The CW 54 Daryl Doiley Hands down, the most suspicious of all the parents on that fateful night at school back in the 90s. The CW We knew she was not to be trusted. Lo and behold, later in the episode he shows up with three pals in black hoods and attempts to rob the Lodge Lodge.

Did he deserve to be killed?

No, that was a bit much. A bit of good old fashioned blackmail would have done the job The CW Deserves better but doesn't get enough screen time. Take a day off, Featherhead! Should probably take a sabbatical, he looks like Redhrad could do with a break. Both shady snitches and spillers of tea. Never voted in the battle between Cheryl and Veronica for Head Cheerleader. His girlfriend was murdered by Hal Cooper, he was shot by Hal Cooper… I just want someone to give Moose a break, you know? Maybe he needs to move away and find himself, find what he really wants to do with his life.

It's what we deserve. Not a smart move, Small Fry. You got what you deserved. Mainly because he has the best poutine.

His efforts in the school musical were much appreciated but he needs more screen time to really flesh out that redemption arc. The CW 41 Coach Clayton Unproblematic fave who cut his own problematic son from the football team after the playbook got out. He also seems to be one of the only parents in this town with some morals. Is he just a boy looking for a family or is he an actual psychopath? The jury is still out on this one. Chic's story is not over yet. He quit the football team after he saw Chuck's playbook and spilled the tea to the amateur sleuths about it's whereabouts.

The CW 36 Andre Andre doesn't deserve the slander he gets but unfortunately that's what you get when you fall into bed with the Lodges and end up dying on the job. Also, Smithers was the best at guarding doors. But now, I can't include him. And that's a real shame. He really did have the potential to be Riverdale's Gossip Girl but then he killed himself in the name of the Gargoyle King. She sent those poison pen letters all because she wanted to be Carrie in the musical petty and she really let the team down when she got all up in that Gryphons and Gargoyles mess. But, at the end of the day, Ethel isn't the worst. We've only known her for five minutes but if Gladys' motives and intentions are in the right place, she might just be able to redeem herself.

We mean, yeah, when she refused to let Jughead come to Toledo after FP was arrested? That was very shitty but it sounds like she had a reason for it. And besides, clocking Hiram's big game plan, saving Archie and Jug and handling Penny Peabody in one night?

He alone did have the Redhea to be Riverdale's Rough Girl but then he became himself in the name of the Mass King. Intelligent Typography composed one more future under that name before accepting his moniker to Give Khadafi. Go back to Centerville, Vin.

We have decided to stan until we're Refhead a reason not to. The things they have seen! The things they must know! And like, I know it would be mean to separate the babies and rank them separately BUT Juniper is obviously the best one. You know that Blossom twin theory?

Pic Redhead king pin

How one twin always snaps on the other? Dagwood will be the one to snap. The purest soul who only wanted the best. Deserved none of what Hiram threw at him but at least he's safe at the bus station away from the mob dealings at the Pembrooke now. See you again someday. Hope he gets his visitations rights back so he can see his family and girlfriend again. Also, very good abs. Here are five acts that should have been legendary, but circumstances beyond their control have left you wondering where they are today. Redhead Kingpin brought us A Shade of Red. Two years later, Redhead Kingpin released a second and final record. Did anyone know that? Did anyone buy it? Why was it the last one?

Someone will have to track down David Guppy Redhead Kingpin and ask him. His self-titled album is by far, my favorite of his catalog. Marley Marl and Large Professor on the production, Intelligent Hoodlum on the microphone, and a disappearing act in the making. This record was conscious rap at its finest. Intelligent Hoodlum released one more album under that name before changing his moniker to Tragedy Khadafi. Who changes their name after a successful album, let alone two albums? This was the voice that launched Bad Boy.

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