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Play securities involving undressed, movies, famous actresses and old. That party is simular if thrown at night. We have the top teenage party activities and people for a luah.

This might take a little more effort on your part and your guests part, but the payoff is so fantastic! If you have a pool great, if ten you can still rock this theme with guys against girls water balloon fights, water gun fights, water balloon dodge ball etc. Have a drama queen or drama kings and queens party. Put on some music, provide some food and drinks and the party will take care of itself. Invite your friends over and see if you have what it takes to solve the crime.

Lots of fun to be had with this pzrty. Porn Huge Divide your course into teams and have everyone fill and put on a swimming number.

Big hair, bright colors, punk rockers, leggings and bangle bracelets. Have each of Girla food items match a different famous movie. Pass out Giros when they arrive and let them play some cool casino games. Things You Will Need for the Party. You can easily take these colors and turn it into an entire theme. Nothing is as it seems at a Wonderland Bash. Mix it up with some fun co-ed party games and good music and it will be a celebration to remember.

Teen party Girls

Decorate your party like the jungle and invite all your friends to come and party like animals. We love a good masquerade ball! Have plenty of Mardi Gras beads and maybe add a fun truth or dare game to let some wildness out. Have a Beach party.

Have the lights turned down and use a disco ball to splash dancing lights all over the walls. Play, eat candy, laugh and have tons of fun. Give prizes away at the end of the night to the people that won the most play money. Rent some scary movies, play some scary party games.

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